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  1. My hubby has no facial hair currently. I like a neatly trimed goatee and mustache :thumb
  2. Does anyone have a receipe that they have used themselves for sweet potato casserole?
  3. I use the cranberry sauce in the can.... however.... we have a tradition in our family. I cut little turkeys ( using a turkey cookie cutter) out of the cranberry sauce and make a border of them around the large platter that the turkey sits on. My MIL did this and now that she is in heaven we have carried on the tradition. It makes me think of her during the time that I am cutting them out. She surley is missed.
  4. That sounds wonderful..... I will have to try that next time... :Green :thumb
  5. Last night was a chicken sandwich on a onion roll with some mayo.... chips and a pepsi!!! Tonight will be chicken tenders... not sure what else.
  6. I like them all..... but my favorite would have to be the turkey!!!!! YUM!!!!
  7. It's stuffing.......... and it has to be cornbread stuffing!! The good ole southern kind!!!! NOT FROM A BOX EITHER.... :Green :thumb :Green
  8. Hello and welcome..... would you care to tell us a little about yourself?
  9. I have also seen white balloons relased and/or white doves relased. That would be an elegant touch to any wedding. We used bird seed.... It was fine, but then again it rained on our wedding day.... which is supposed to be a sign of good luck and prosperity in your marriage... We have been married 12 years. :thumb
  10. Last night was grilled cheese and chips!
  11. Chunk up some potatoes and put in a greased casserloe dish... then put a generous amount of butter in there and sprinkle with garlic..... these are wonderful!!!! Bake at 350 for about 1 hour or until potatoes are fork tender.
  12. We have turkey and ham........ I also use the oven bags for my turkey, and I have never had a dry turkey..... one day I would like to fry a turkey, they say those are wonderful, because it locks in the juice of the turkey. They also said to use peanut oil. Anyone ever fried a turkey before?
  13. I baked a cake for an associate that my hubby works with.... they are having a baby. I did a 1/4 sheet cake, made the icing myself, cut it in 24 squares, and piped pink baby booties on each of the squares..... nothing that I don't do daily at work anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :Bleh I like to bake.... I'll have to try some of y'alls recipes, and post some of my own!
  14. Welcome, enjoy your stay here!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. What a game this will be......... our paper said that they are giving Indy 6 points.... I hope that my COLTS can pull this one off.... it will be interesting. We are really going to have to step up our game... it will help that we are playing at home......... GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I love college basketball.......... NOT PRO.... I root for DUKE yea... go Bluedevils!!! And the Hoosiers of course!!!!!!!
  17. Tony Dungy is just a first class man and coach..... I will get to see my COLTS in person on the 28th... they play in Charlotte against the pitiful Panthers. I don't see much of a threat there.... since Jake is out for the rest of the season. Even with Jake in there, I wasn't worried about winning!!!!!! I may live in NC , but I don't have to like the home team! :Bleh Peyton seems to be unstopable.... they finally have a great team... it would be great to see them go to the superbowl again..... :clap:
  18. I wasn't to hungry last night, and I worked late, so I picked up DQ for my DH and I got a choc. shake and a dilly bar :ooops
  19. The Colts are 5-0..... do ya think that we could possibly go to back to back superbowls............. we look amazing out there!!!!!! I hope that they keep that fierce spirit alive.
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