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  1. What do you think is the best boxed candy?

    My cousin-in-law always sends us a box of candy from See's candy in California...... It is the BEST!!!! YUM

    Growing up... my dad would get a box of Fannie Mae candy for the holidays... it was also good, but I love See's candy!

  2. He has been fighting a kidney infection.... he was on one antibiotic, and that did not work, so now they have him on another one.... he only has one kidney, he lost the other one during his cancer surgery several years ago. Thanks :praying

  3. I use the cranberry sauce in the can.... however.... we have a tradition in our family. I cut little turkeys ( using a turkey cookie cutter) out of the cranberry sauce and make a border of them around the large platter that the turkey sits on. My MIL did this and now that she is in heaven we have carried on the tradition. It makes me think of her during the time that I am cutting them out. She surley is missed.

  4. My DIL does this, but with a whole (large) onion chopped up fine and sauteed in butter and added to the mix. Then for the last 15 minutes remove and sprinkle shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese all over it, and quickly return to the oven for the last 1/4 hour. :hungry: If you like sweet bell peppers, you can add those too, during the sauteeing of the onions.

    That sounds wonderful..... I will have to try that next time... :Green :thumb
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