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  1. We always seem to have a full fridge... we usually have leftovers in there, but we also keep lots of drinks in the fridge. Water, soda, OJ, milk.... we are heavy drinkers!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA :frog :lol:
  2. We have 4 dogs A 15 year old mix named Bear.... he is my baby A 2 year old Dachshund named Brutus A shephard chow mix named DJ A terrier dalmation mix named Speck We also have 2 cats Zack and Sylvia And a fish named Jaws!!!! Our hermit crab just croaked :eek
  3. :roll Please................ the true quarterback palys in Indy!!!!!!!! :thumb :Bleh :lol:
  4. If I DO NOT have my Pepsi for breakfast... I am a very grumpy person!!!! I have tried to wean myself off of caffeine before, but I got terrible headaches, so I jst gave in and enjoy my caffeine fix :thumb
  5. I also have not started... I may do a few tonight when hubby goes to bed, he is notorious for trying to peek :uuhm: I also like to use different paper, boxes, bags etc...
  6. What do you think is the best boxed candy? My cousin-in-law always sends us a box of candy from See's candy in California...... It is the BEST!!!! YUM Growing up... my dad would get a box of Fannie Mae candy for the holidays... it was also good, but I love See's candy!
  7. A sandwich from Burger King :thumb
  8. He has been fighting a kidney infection.... he was on one antibiotic, and that did not work, so now they have him on another one.... he only has one kidney, he lost the other one during his cancer surgery several years ago. Thanks :praying
  9. I finally have a day off.... so I am decorating today... :clap:
  10. Are you decorated for Christmas? Do you have your tree up, the outside of your house decorated..... how do you decorate, and what do you decorate?
  11. Hotdogs and fries.... Tonight BBQ pork tenderloin, peas, rolls and some kind of dessert :thumb
  12. :saywhat You should be ashamed!!!!!!!!! :tease: Just picken!!!!!!
  13. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else watch the Tennessee/Kentucky game? 4 OT's But Tennessee pulled it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I saw some highlights from that game.... it was really emotional for the players. I am flad that they won! :clap:
  15. Hello and welcome back :Green
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