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  1. I would like to thank everyone that plays the games here... it is great fun, and fellowship!
  2. Linen Cloth napkins or paper napkins?
  3. Wow, that is chilly!!! Bear(our son) does not like to go out when it is cold..
  4. Well, this thread is just about coming to an end!! Hope everyone has a nice evening.
  5. Air bags Fresh veggies or canned?
  6. Forgiven... do you live near the mountains? They are calling for flurries here next week... I think Tuesday or so.
  7. Nun ( I could not resist) :lol:
  8. Won't get much sleep tonight... it is storming and the dog does not like storms... he is pacing back and forth.
  9. The rain is coming down in droves here! :shock:
  10. Dryer sheets!!! Downey or another brand?
  11. I have really enjoyed playing these games tonight!!!I have to get off to bed now, I have to work tomorrow. I hope that you sleep well, and have a great day tomorrow :mrgreen:
  12. We have a rider to.. we have a lot of grass to mow. Walk fry or broil
  13. Yes it is... it is very interesting, and I like talking to everyone!
  14. Flourgirl


    I would like to have the patience to embroider!!! I like to do yard work and work with the flowers in the Yard!
  15. Hubby says that I am addicted to the Computer! :mrgreen:
  16. Watching TV :oops: pushing or riding the grass!!
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