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  1. [quote="MavMin"] At our church if you are Filipina, Indian or African late is just a part of yer thang. [/quote] I'm surprised y'all don't have a designated area for "those people" to sit so they don't disturb the white folks with their aboriginal antics. (Shouldn't that post be moved to the KKK thread?)
  2. [quote="Luke_the_Physician"] [quote="sweetwaterdog"]I don't think this is too good an idea.....and recommend that you do some soul-searching about the situation. [/quote] It was good enough for the early Christians! They had "church" in their house. Sounds kinda like "Home Church", doesn't it?[/quote] No, it doesn't. You are either missing the point of the scriptural teaching or avoiding the point because it doesn't suit what you want to do. The early church met in homes because there were no church building as we know them Many believers met together in fellowship and worshi
  3. [quote="Luke_the_Physician"] We haven't went to church lately since the price of gas has risen so much, so we've been staying home having Bible studys here at the house! [/quote] I don't think this is too good an idea.....and recommend that you do some soul-searching about the situation. From a mathematical point of view (involving a lot of speculation, I admit)....a 1 1/2 hour drive is probably 60 miles if there's some city driving and traffic involved. So if you attend 3 services a week (and don't spend Sunday afternoon in the town where the church is) that's 360 miles per week. I
  4. [quote="Wildflower"] So why doesn't someone translated it from the TR to Spanish? Are there not any Christian linguits out there? [/quote] I am aware of this one group in Mexico who are working to "restore" the 1602 Bible and bring it fully into alignment with the TR. I have been told that at least one other group is doing the same kind of work. Here are some links where you can study the issues involved. It [i]is[/i] complex and there is a lot of emotion involved. These people working on such a project need our prayerful support. http://www.biblefortoday.org/Articles/spanish_bi
  5. [quote="Wildflower"] Which Spanish Bible is the preserved Word of God? Did the interpretaion come from the TR translation or the English KJV? [/quote] Cathy, this subject was covered extensively in the thread: http://onlinebaptist.com/messageboards/ ... highlight= The 1602 Reina Valera is probably the closest to the King James. There is an effort underway to "restore" it and the New Testament is available now. I'll send you a copy if you PM me your mailing address. They are still working on the Old Testament. The 1909 is good but not wholly based on the TR despite claims t
  6. [quote="Jesuspaiditall4all"] Looks to me like sweetwaterdog got it.... :D Congratulations..... [/quote] If that is the case, what did I get? I was just passing by and wondered what this was all about.... And others have posted after me.....was there a deadline? anyway, Happy New Year to those of you in the East.
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