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  1. [size=150][color=#4040FF]That is a very nice picture, Thanks Bakers[/color][/size]
  2. I am so very sorry to hear about Stacey passing, She is a dear friend, The only thing that helped me through the college experience was her. I will miss her greatly. Melisa
  3. I am also praying for you dad and family. If there is any thing I can do let me know..Do you know when his surgery is or where it will be at??
  4. Hi all, did figure this thread would still be going............. thats great. hey Samer where do you get the cute Emoticons and smileys in your post??? I love them :D
  5. Does anyone else have snow where they are at????
  6. No error messages here by the way LAF i'm not going any where
  7. We have enjoyed great fellowship with friens and family, I hope you all have as well, good night
  8. Hi all the bank clock said it was 9 dergees this evening and wow it is every bit of that cold
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