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  1. This is a really old Camera! Nice, thanks for sharing!
  2. Regular Phone! Laptop or Desktop?
  3. lol above newbies LOL... Thread is Open Still *tee hee* :mrgreen:
  4. [quote="Jesuspaiditall4all"] Well, this thread could now be about sharing with each other and we could forget about winning....although when this thread first started it was not about winning....although it did end up that way... :wink: [/quote] Ooospy, I got off topic again, I am sorry... Hmmmmm Happy 2005 New Years Everyone!!! "Praise Jesus for Today and Everyday!" Love n' Hugs, \o/ KristiAnn MsGuidedAngel
  5. hmmm,I never win at these games I try though *tee hee* :D Love n' Hugs, \o/ KristiAnn MsGuidedAngel
  6. [quote="LAF"] For now the real deal is on tommorrow thats when the thread ends at the stroke of midnight ...... [/quote] oh really... uh huh, I have living forever it seems I will Not stay up for it either... :lol:
  7. I am up too nothing, I have No Plans at all for the New Year, except I turn 45 January 7th.. Ooopsy shhhhhh *tee hee* "Age is mind over Matter, If you don't Mind it don't Matter!" Love n' Hugs, \o/ KristiAnn MsGuidedAngel PS. I got the last Post neener neener.. :frog
  8. [quote="Jesuspaiditall4all"] Hello.... :wave: ...to all... :mrgreen: [/quote] Hiya Sister! :wave:
  9. hiya, no one else is online, BTW what would they win anyhow *tee hee*.. I Posted the last one today so far.. :lol:
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