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  1. I highly recommend FBN Radio. In fact, I think someone on here mentioned it once upon a time ago. It has a good balance of sound preaching and conservative Christian music. Also Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio. It's all music. I haven't listened to it in a while but liked it when I did.
  2. I remember my kids getting Adventures In Odyssey cassette tapes with their kid's meal years ago.
  3. Sorry, I got the phone #from another forum. The # is 1-866-232-2040. The headlines were saying that Chick-fil-a changed their stance on same sex marriage and I was asking to see if that was in fact the case.
  4. I'm still not satisfied with their statement. My big question is WHY? Why do they feel that FOTF is not worthy enough to receive funds? Because gays say so? It's ok for Home Depot, Target, J.C. Penny and other companies to support the gay agenda but Chick-fil-a can't support organizations who denounce same sex marriage? Chick-fil-a might as well stand their ground and do what's right because they will never be able to appease the gays (nor should they). No comprise will be enough for them. Their goal is to come out of the closet and shove Christians into it. Gays won't be happy until Christianity is dead and even though we all know that will never happen it won't stop them from trying. I'm afraid I'll have to stop eating there until I get a better answer from them.
  5. I just called their corporate number and talked to a customer service rep. She said she has not received any official statement from corporate so she can neither confirm or deny it. Hopefully I wasn't getting the run around. She said she's been getting these calls since yesterday and I said you're going to be getting a lot more.
  6. Yet another reason not to live in New York. I live in NJ (not a whole lot better) and my company gives out pocket knives (with the company name and logo on it) as gifts sometimes. I rarely use a pocket knife but I have a nice little collection of them.
  7. Yep, and it came out of the tax payers pockets! Disgusting.
  8. I remember during the riots watching tv footage of people walking out of stores with electronics, clothing, all kinds of merchandise. And that poor truck driver who didn't do a thing get his head bashed in with a brick. What barbarianism.
  9. John81, that's what makes this country so great. That's why the founding fathers created laws so Christians could not be persecuted for their faith. As Christians, we should have the ability to freely express what the Bible teaches without government interfering. So when I see our rights slowly get whittled away, I get concerned and as a Christian I should. Of course there is a lot more persecution in other countries, their gov. were not founded on Godly Principles. I don't think we should just sit around and welcome more persecution. I will fight for my Christian beliefs as long as I can. I know compared to other countries we have it good as Christians but it's pretty obvious things have been going down hill for awhile. I pray that when real persecution comes I'll be able to stand up for my Lord and Savior and not be a Peter.
  10. I agree 100% but Christians do need to be involved in the political process.
  11. I've been waiting to see if anyone would post about this. I'm quite shocked that no one has really condemned this Pastor's comments except maybe kitagrl. I have no problem with preaching against homosexuality, my Pastor has said it in a number of sermons. But he has never said anything like this. Do you think Christ would have said this? Did He say this about the adultress or the woman at the well? How in the world are you going to lead these people to Christ if you say these kind of things? Do you really think one gay person got saved by listening to that? These are lost people who don't know any better. I think sometimes IFBers tend to hate sin so much that they start hating the sinner too. One time my father-in-law (who by the way was a good man of God, I highly respected him) made a comment that all gays should put on an island by themselves. I told him that wasn't right and that they need Christ just like any other person. Maybe we should round up all the fat people too since gluttony is a sin, which by the way would include a great many Baptist preachers! Edit: sorry John 81 I see that you didn't agree with his comments either.
  12. Maybe if enough stupid people get killed, they'll start using common sense. Seriously, if your dumb enough to walk across streets while texting and not paying attention you deserve what's coming.
  13. I read about it in my Sword of the Lord newspaper. It was found out that her foundation was giving money to planned parenthood. There was a backlash from Christian groups. The foundation issued a statement saying they would stop funding planned parenthood but then changed their minds (pressure from abortion groups I'm sure). My wife was donating to them but have since stopped.
  14. I'm trying not to shop at stores that use my money to support sin (homosexuality, abortion ect.) So I left Home Depot and started going to Lowes. I was at the checkout with my new compost bin and I noticed they were selling pink Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation gardening tools and garden flags. (sigh) I just can't win.
  15. Question. If the Supreme Court ever rules in favor of same sex marriage, I'm assuming all these Constitutional Amendments will be overturned?
  16. Jerry, sounds like your drinking the class warfare kool-aid. Why do I care if she pays $990.00 for a shirt? Let them spend it the way they want to, it's called Capitalism. Although not a perfect system, it's the best out there. Doesn't matter what she says, the media's trying to paint them as the "out of touch" rich. See, it's ok to be democrat and rich (because if your democrat your ALWAYS in touch with the American people) but if your republican and rich-your pure evil.
  17. Also, nothing like hearing 300+ people flipping through the pages of their Bibles searching for the next scripture verse from the Pastor.
  18. So are you insinuating that if I vote for Romney I need to re-evaluate my salvation? I talked to my dad this morning at church about the election and about this thread. Now I know for a FACT that my dad is saved, I've seen the fruits, you haven't. I asked him if he would vote for Romney if he had to and he said yes. Only because he felt BO was so evil that he has to be stopped. He's afraid another 4 years of BO and we'll become a communist country. This election is so important to him that he can't sit it out. I'm VERY concerned about BO taking away our religious freedoms. We are already seeing it happen with the contraceptives issue. We both feel that sitting at home is a vote for BO. I will vote for whoever is the Republican candidate and pray for revival in this country because that's the only thing that can save this country. By the way, I WILL NOT vote for Chris Christy in his re-election since he elected a homosexual to the supreme court.
  19. I don't really support any of the nominations. I liked Cain but the media effectively eliminated him. However I refuse to sit around and let Obama take away my religious freedom. It looks like Romney will get the nom and if that's the case I will have to vote for him. I won't be happy about it but I see no other choice. Any movement back to the right is better than no movement at all.
  20. I'm not saying there IS any. I'm just curious as to why my company won't let me see it. I have no problem getting on the Sword of the Lord site or this one while on my work computer.
  21. Funny, I'm at work and when I click on this the internet filter says "Racism and Hate".
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