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  1. I highly recommend FBN Radio. In fact, I think someone on here mentioned it once upon a time ago. It has a good balance of sound preaching and conservative Christian music. Also Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio. It's all music. I haven't listened to it in a while but liked it when I did.
  2. 92%-Rick Santorum 88%-Ted Cruz 88%-Jeb Bush 11%-Bernie Sanders
  3. Thanks for the response Alan. The purpose of my post was not to have it devolve into "Is it biblical to show patriotic videos in church?" and how some churches idolize country and flag. Just thought some people would like it. Shouldn't be surprised though, no wonder so many people stopped posting on this board. Oh well.
  4. My Church played this during our morning service and I was shocked that I've never heard or seen this before (I consider myself a reasonably knowledgeable sports fan). It's sad but now I look at July 4th as a celebration of what our country USED to be, not what it is now.
  5. I have a seasonal campsite right outside Lancaster with Amish farmland all around me. About a month and a half ago we saw a couple Amish buggies show up and pitch a tent on a campsite for a couple nights. It was 3 guys and 3 girls in their late teens maybe early 20's. They weren't married because the guys didn't have beards. The campers next door to them complained because the Amish were up all night making a ruckus. Who knows what went on. I was pretty shocked by that. I always thought the Amish were very morally strict. We have an Amish friend, she's in her early 20's and she said that type of thing isn't uncommon. She said they are not that much different than the English (she was talking about worldly behavior).
  6. Didn't have a chance to speak to him so not sure about his family but his wife was sitting in the congregation, though. I think his wife was going through some health issues not so long ago (I think). I'm guessing she's ok now.
  7. I live here in the Northeast and I just can't understand people's hate. if someone knocks on your door and offers you something, is it THAT hard to just say "No thank you"? Why do people have to be so nasty? I bet they wouldn't complain if I invited them to a party where everyone who showed up got a 50 dollar bill. Last fall my church had a Teen activity and my daughter (along with other church teens) went to a local high school to hand out flyers. She got spat at, name called and kids would take her flyer, stomp on it and throw it back in her face and laugh. What a wonderful world we live in today.
  8. Wasn't sure where to put this. I thought about the sermon section but it seems dead over there and I was afraid no one would read my post. Has anyone had Dr. Corle preach at their church? I'm just amazed at how many people come to Christ when he preaches. He was just here last Sunday and 16 people accepted Christ. The last time he was here 12 people accepted Christ. It's just amazing how God works through him.
  9. Yeah. That's what I meant. I guess I didn't word it well enough. I thought people would understand what I meant instead of picking it apart. I tend to get myself in trouble that way sometimes.
  10. I was on another "Christian" forum and the topic was homosexuality. I mentioned that in the Bible it said how in the last days good would become evil and evil will become good. And that Christians will be persecuted for standing up for what is good and Godly. I gave some scripture verses and of course a poster said my interpretation of those verses were all twisted. They also said that God would reward the homosexuals in Heaven for all the persecution they endured on earth. It's simply amazing the stuff people come up with to justify sin.
  11. I have no problems following a Church's rule if it's Biblical but why should I submit to a rule that's not Biblical?
  12. HC, if you don't mind, I'd like to respond to TheSword's question. You can remove if you like. I really love my church for the most part. I call it "my church" because I attend there regularly. I stay because the preaching cannot be beat and the music is outstanding. There are only a couple of things I don't agree with, other than that I'm a conservative IFBer and wouldn't have it any other way. Maybe God is still working on my heart with these things. I NEED conservative preaching. I just don't care for the inconsistencies with the rules or should I say the hypocrisy but we are all sinners so I'm sure this happens in all churches. I really don't think I could find a better IFB church.
  13. I agree that it is a personal choice. I know our church is against it, in fact in order to be a member I think you have to sign an agreement saying you won't attend movie theaters. See, I'm not a member mainly because I don't agree with that. Especially since I know that our Pastor has gone to pro football games in which everyone is drinking and spilling beer on you and and cussing, fights breaking out in the stands and half naked cheerleaders dancing on the sidelines. But that seems to be ok. Now I will admit I rarely go the movies because 1. most current movies are trash and 2. it's VERY expensive. One thing my local theater has been doing is showing classic movies for a one night only showing. Last year I saw Gone With The Wind on the big screen which I waited my whole life to see. They also showed The African Queen but I had to work so I couldn't see it. I'm thinking about seeing Son of God but kind of hesitant because I don't know how watered down the message will be. I really don't see any difference between someone seeing you entering a theater or going into a rental store to rent a dvd.
  14. My favorite station on the internet! I love them so much I pledged $25 during their last pledge drive and plan on donating during their spring drive. They also have an app you can download on your smartphone.
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