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  1. Still going ?!? I thought sure it would be over by now - :lol: Have a great day. - :D
  2. Good night All. Have a great Thursday - :cool:
  3. Good afternoon All. I'm thanking God for sending the cooler weather to the desert (Arizona) Our high on Thursday is supposed to be 71. (Hey, that's great for AZ - :lol:)
  4. I went almost all weekend as the last to post. I thought sure I would win - :lol: Have a great week, all.
  5. Good afternoon, everyone. Glad to see the thread still going.
  6. Just checking in to say good-night from Arizona. :yawn:
  7. [quote="Jesuspaiditall4all"] I thought you had abandoned this thread Scott.... :lol: ...didn't see you here for a while.....it's nice to see you back here with us.... :mrgreen: [/quote] Thank you. I haven't had much opportunity since the Fall semester started. I'm taking 21 credits so I can graduate in April. School is a little tougher as an adult when you work full time and have a full time family as well. :lol:
  8. I cannot believe this is still going - :lol: :sing:
  9. Shower Dry heat or humidity?
  10. No Thank you. - LOL All kidding aside, we are praying for all the fellow believers in Florida. I heard on the radio this morning that Ivan may hit sometime after Sunday?!? Prayerfully, this will be the last one for y'all.
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