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  1. I graduated from Fairhaven in May. It is an excellent college. http://www.fairhavenbaptist.org
  2. She'll be heading off to Fairhaven, right?
  3. Ban a4c for thinking the same thing as me...that's scary!
  4. I've heard it said...I've never put it into practice. How's it possible to get that much sleep as a 1st year teacher?
  5. Ban a4c because I have no clue what cPanel is :mrgreen:
  6. I voted "no." I can not fluelently speak any other language, but i took German in HS. I also know a little bit of French, Spanish, Russian, and Latin.
  7. Yuck...humidity...I can't breathe well in humidity...
  8. Ban KJB_Princess for banning herman for not having 500 posts
  9. Don't you have anything else better to do than post? (J/K!!!) :mrgreen:
  10. Ban anime4christ for sticking his tongue out at Samer!
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