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  1. Jerry, your right indeed. Except for repentence, I believe their words fall on deaf ears.
  2. Attend preacher fellowships, camp meetings and revivals. The preachers are usually asked to stand and introduce themselves during a service, at least thats the way I have seen it done. Let them know you have been called to preach. I know evangelist who started this way. They all say it is a slow start. The door will open. Will be praying.
  3. Praising the Lord. This morning in Sunday school, my grand daughter Kimberly B asked Jesus Christ to become her Lord and Saviour. Hallelujah. God is so good. Amen
  4. Praying for all... Amen
  5. Praying that Justin has a successful surgery. Amen
  6. Please pray for Dwayne Harrison & his family, missionaries in Mali, Africa. Much chaos north of where they live. Pray for their protection please. Dwayne can be followed on facebook. Thanks.
  7. Certainly will be praying...
  8. Praying for the salvation of Jerry and Mary and Mary's physical healing. Amen
  9. Congratulations. Will be praying.

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