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  1. So, we have to come up with something interesting to type and keep the conversation going? Sorta like "hot potato"?
  2. What are your favorite broccoli recipes?
  3. OOps!! Not you, John81, but you, JP93! :oops: :oops:
  4. Ban John81 for... :oops: uh...for... :roll: well, :? just becuzz...... :)
  5. I am in total agreement about the supervision and discipline thing you all have been discussing. And a child that is well-behaved and thoroughly, consistently supervised will definitely not be a bad influence to the truly godly other children. However, I have seen what the outwardly obedient child who is still unregenerate ends up doing. So, I would like to add and encourage that a parent must also be as Job, who prayed fervently for his children. We might think we know their hearts, but the Bible says "who can know it?" Prayer, adherence to Biblical principles, and setting forth the right example--these are so important. And also letting others know that YOU want to know when your child has done wrong (so you can administer correction promptly.) And dear parent, sometimes a really strong-willed child may have to grow up before they truly trust the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior. Being a good kid is not salvation. On the same note, I think Michael Pearl has an article about the influences on children within the church. It's very good, but I cannot recall the title.

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