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  1. Multi-car garage, and workshop off to the side along one wall and an art studio upstairs. :mrgreen: Detached garage/workshop with a covered walkway ---Or--- Two ugly ol' garage doors smacked right on the front of your home. Ack! :frog WR
  2. What if I don't know Bro. Matt well enough to talk abut him... yet? :mrgreen:
  3. Am I doing a good job? :sing: :sing: :sing: :sing: :sing: :sing: :Ticking
  4. Does anyone have a suggestion? Why not speak up? Are you shy? [color=red]Am[/color] [color=yellow]I[/color] [color=cyan]annoying[/color] [color=orange]you[/color]? Do you know that I am from the United States Department of Annoyance? WR :D :) :o :lol: :cool: :? :shock: :roll: :wink: :| :mrgreen: :frog :eye: :freak: :kiss: :rollover: :bonK: :nutty
  5. Are you having a hard time?
  6. [quote="LIGHTGAFFER"] An electronic surveillance system [/quote] Does an electric fence around the chicken coop count? Oh, and I forgot... Cardinal Now... Ranch or two story house?
  7. Complete privacy! Big, flock-guardin', stranger scarin', wolf-killin' dog for your farm Or Little, rat-chase'n, ankle bitin', snake killin' dog for your farm :mrgreen:
  8. "So, Mr. Kerry, do you consider yourself a good person?" [You'd have to go [url=http://www.creationists.org/thegoodtest.html]here[/url] and watch the video to see why I'd want to ask that question] :mrgreen: WR
  9. Wasn't that me? What do I win?
  10. TREES!!! :D :!: They are so pretty (except sweetgum -ack!) Hmm, now I have to come up with one...... :? :idea: City or Country? WR
  11. What can you tell us about these possibilities?
  12. You're not excited by the possibilities?
  13. Vanilla Cream Soda is the BEST! Cherry Coke --or-- Live Wire

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