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  1. whipped cream and strawberry shortcake
  2. Yuk, neither one! The person next to me has more than 3 houseplants.
  3. Yes, I do. The person next to me is eating a late snack.
  4. I can sit still. The person next to me has daffodils blooming in their yard.
  5. Yes, I have a couple but no one knows because they are in my daughters' room along with their stuffed animals. Whoops, I guess you all know now. :frog The person next to me has too many shoes.
  6. No, I had cereal. And, uh, loyaldefender, I'm addicted to freecell. :mrgreen: The person next to me likes apple butter.
  7. Um, no! The person next to me listens to something on the web while browsing.
  8. white cane w/red tip and seeing-eye dogs
  9. berry picking in the springtime and having fun with your kids
  10. Needs to but won't because we don't have dental insurance. : The person next to me got snow this week.
  11. I have never skiied but I enjoy watching it once in awhile. The person next to me likes the new idea emoticon. :idea:
  12. *steers PE away from food topics* Homemade cranberry sauce and pretty, glass serving dishes
  13. Yes, I do. In fact, we are studying Revelation in Sunday School. The person next to me takes vitamins.
  14. Yes, we do; skyline drive is good for that. You can drive for awhile [b]AND[/b] pull in a picnic area w/trails to hike and cook out. :mrgreen: The person next to me has a bird feeder in their yard.
  15. I really enjoy cooking! :mrgreen: The person next to me enjoys going on long country drives on sunny days.
  16. Haha, spoken (posted) like a man after my hubby's heart. Tape-measures and laser levels
  17. Actually, yeah. :mrgreen: I am putting up a missions bulletin board on Saturday. The person next to me enjoys/enjoyed the Andy Griffith Show.
  18. I like good preaching. The person next to me had dessert after supper tonight.
  19. Hmm, sorry. SC is a little too far away for me. :mrgreen: The person next to me remembers to change the wall calendar on the first of every month. :

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