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  1. [color=#a30000]God made the rules for a pastor. It is like knowing that a President of the United States has to be at least 35 years old and an American citizen. Well a French 34 year old could say how right he is for the position and tell us all his education and experience but he won't get it because he is disqualified. In God's eyes, a divorcee is disqualified and there are several more things in the qualification lists that Peter Ruckman doesn't fulfill too well either.[/color]
  2. [quote="JJJ4given"] [quote="Bakershalfdozen"][color=#a30000]What is so deadly about the gap theory is that it is a compromise for Christians who try to reconcile what the Bible says with what evolutionists say. Evolution is a false religion; it is not science. The gap theory is 100% wrong. God says He created everything in 6 literal days. Period.[/color] [/quote] You beat me to it. :lol: I type too slow.[/quote] [color=#a30000] That's ok, JJJ. :mrgreen: You wrote more that I did and I hope it is helpful to anyone who might be confused about the gap theory. You are right about death coming because of and after sin and not the other way around.[/color] :goodpost:
  3. [color=#a30000]What is so deadly about the gap theory is that it is a compromise for Christians who try to reconcile what the Bible says with what evolutionists say. Evolution is a false religion; it is not science. The gap theory is 100% wrong. God says He created everything in 6 literal days. Period.[/color]
  4. [color=#a30000]How's this:[/color] Exodus 20:11 For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it
  5. [quote="chev1958"] Unfortunately, Kevin Hovind's reputation is tarnished now. He may have produced some good stuff, but his failure to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's overshadows any good work he has done. That's a shame, but that's the way it is. But if he's from Dr. Ruckman's camp and is teaching the gap error, then I'm glad I haven't seen any of his works. [/quote] [color=#a30000] Just a quick note here, Kent Hovind does [b]NOT[/b] believe in the gap theory nor does he teach it. He is vehemently against it and teaches that it is a dangerous doctrine.[/color]
  6. [quote="bibleworm"] I do not approve of the way Dr. Ruckman treats others.my GRANDPARENTS heard him preach and because of his horrid message they didnt get saved till 12 years later...and yet i am going to his bibe college next year.there are many things i do not agree with of his...but you rarely find anyone you will completely agree with!my parents taught me you have to pick the right apples out of a carton full of bad ones.but dont pick a bad apple its grim will stick a longggg time.i can assure you i will not become like doctor ruckman.but he does have good doctrine mixed in and i will pick it out.(everyone says im to kindhearted to become like that)i do not believe in his gap theory. and some other things.if the bible says it its true to me...and i do NOT see a gap theory in the bible. all i want to do by going there is to learn more about my Bible and if i dont see it in my bible...i wont believe it and that settles everything in my mind. Amie Jo [/quote] [color=#a30000]This makes no sense. :? When I was a teen, the kids in my church went basically to one of two Bible colleges. By the time I graduated from high school, many things about these colleges made it evident that I would be disagreeing more than agreeing and the issues were Biblical issues. I didn't settle for the one I could bear the most or whatever. I prayed for a different college and found one. It had a totally different mindset from the other two. You don't [b]have[/b] to go to PBI. If you already know there is a lot you disagree with (and I feel the issues are major), then find a different college. It is as simple as that. If you disagree with the gap theory (and you should), if you disagree with the harshness and rudeness (and you should), if you agree that Ruckman has disqualified himself repeatedly (and you should) then go somewhere else that doesn't have these issues. Go read Galatians chapter 5 and tell me what those behaviors signify: flesh or spirit?[/color]
  7. [color=#a30000]Exactly. Stay away from anyone who teaches the gap theory. It is a dangerous belief.[/color]
  8. I believe the OP is referring to Pensacola Bible Institute started by Peter Ruckman, not Pensacola Christian College of A beka fame.
  9. T Tom H Hope A Angel N Nineteen years K Kingdom S Savior G Grand I Iesous V Virgin I Immanuel N New Jerusalem
  10. T turkey H home A answer to prayers N noodle (that's what I call my youngest )
  11. We did this for a contest last year and it was quite fun. Use the word Thanksgiving as an acrostic and see how many things you can be thankful for. Be sure to copy/paste the previous entries into your post. You can also just hit the quote button but be sure to remove the quote codes from your posts. T turkey
  12. Do you know that I debated that very thing but wanted to be "up front" with everyone including my co-mods?
  13. Sorry for getting this thread again, but may I make a suggestion? If you feel you have genuine concerns about this board, why not compile all those concerns into a PM and send it to BroMatt or have all those that agree with you each send a PM to BroMatt? That way he can make an informed decision as to: 1. Whether or not you have a valid complaint 2. If you do, what to do about it I believe this would be proper procedure for anyone who felt like there was a problem; don't you agree?
  14. Need you even ask?! :barfy: Chevy, you're North Carolinian - livermush :mrgreen:
  15. Definitely yukkk! Limburger cheese
  16. I just had to post here because I was fixin' to leave and saw that my post count was 6799. I just couldn't leave it like that so I'm posting here to bring it up to 6800.
  17. Yayyy (homemade only; the frozen ones are yukkk) Zucchini
  18. Thank you for further explaining, Calvary. I admit I was wondering if you were stating that witnessing was necessary for salvation.
  19. Born in WI, raised in IN. Have lived in NC, IL, VA, CA and WV. I currently live in WV (stereotypes do not apply, BTW : ) but we are moving to VA. Depending on who you ask, VA is the South and WV is the Northeast. Go figure. :?
  20. Homemade tacos Raw veggies Rice Krispies treats squares.

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