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  1. Books Thomas Kinkade art products Teacup and saucer sets
  2. MMM! A mexican fiesta. (Not dh, he grilled some pork chops.) But the kids and I had tacos, spanish rice, beans and homemade tortilla chips. I'm officially stuffed.
  3. Last night we had grilled teriyaki chicken, fresh corn on the cob and spinach.
  4. What are some of the main ingredients in mayonnaise? :smile Eggs and oil. Using mayo in a chocolate mayo cake does what the eggs and oil do in other cakes. Usually cakes with mayo in them are very moist.
  5. We grilled out. It is just too hot to do much cooking.
  6. Mm, my fave casserole! Can I come over? :wave:
  7. I never see any ads but thanks for the heads up. I'm sure BroMatt will want to know about it.
  8. A new toy for all you banners... :lol If you want to use it, you'll have to copy/paste the code (or just use the quote feature) until I get it into our emoticon system.
  9. Ok, I admit it... It is pretty funny. :lol Hey, what do you expect from first-time gardeners? We're pretty pathetic. We were laughing at our ownselves tonight saying we were acting like new parents. :lol:
  10. Ok, I admit it... Our neighbors are probably laughing their heads off at us. Every morning we slowly walk up and down each row of the garden to see if anything new is growing. Every afternoon, we do the same thing to see how much the plants have grown. :reality: :lol:
  11. Ok, I admit it... I didn't follow the game rules in my previous post. :Bleh
  12. Ok, I admit it... I join other message boards for the sole purpose of snagging any cool emoticons they might have. :hehe:
  13. Hee-hee, I do that too sometimes, Katie. Jim, I can fully imagine you doing that!!! Don't think your wifey would be too happy though, hence the "If I could get away with it...". :Green Ok, I admit it... I like to eat icing straight out of the can once in awhile (actually hardly ever :frog ).
  14. Some of the mods were thinking.... :hmm One of us should post and then lock the thread and proclaim ourselves the winner. :lol:
  15. Ok, I admit it... I dug up some of my garden seeds on Saturday because I was getting worried that they weren't growing. :lol Your turn... :Bleh
  16. Oh yummy! I love sauerkraut!!! We had spaghetti.
  17. I'm not sure what you mean here, Chevy. :puzzled: In English Grammar, "unworthily" is an adverb describing the compound verb "shall eat/drink". If the person is himself unworthy, wouldn't it say something like "If an unworthy person..."? (Unworthy being an adjective there)
  18. Celebrating the 72 degree weather... :Bleh We grilled hot dogs and also had cheese puffs and ice cream cones! :Green
  19. I guess they are not really pets, but dh has an aquarium. And this guy showed up in our garage awhile back...
  20. That would be here - in about 5 minutes. Seriously, we are supposed to be getting a winter storm. In about 5 minutes, I should go to bed :bed: But probably won't. :Bleh
  21. Savory chicken Mashed potatoes Broccoli Homemade bread
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