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  1. In response to HisByGrace... All Bible colleges have rules that are non-Biblical, meaning that the issue addressed by the rule isn't addressed in the Bible.

    If BJU said their "no races dating" rule was based on the Bible, then they were wrong because the Bible doesn't say that "races" shouldn't date. When they changed that rule, I applauded them. It really was a cultural rule, not a Biblical one.

    That was just one example pulled from your post.

    And PCC standing against BJU isn't about separation as much as it is rivalry... both colleges have their positives and negatives.

  2. 1. Women are to be their husbands help meat - and it is what most truly desire, but don't fully understand

    Just a little annoyance here... :frog:

    "Help meet" is a noun and an adjective. It isn't all one word or one noun.

    "Meet" (not "meat" :wink ) means suitable. God made a helper that was suitable to Adam because when he looked around at all the animals, he noticed there wasn't another creature that was like him.

  3. Did he have this physical form after the flood? Or even after the garden of Eden?

    I can't prove that he did, and you can't prove that he didn't. :coolsmiley:

    Like Jerry said, angels can take physical forms when they so choose. If Satan can transform himself into an angel of light (maybe a semblance of his former self), then I'm sure he can take physical form whenever he chooses to.
  4. The angels that visited Abraham walked to Sodom. JacOB physically wrestled with the Angel of the Lord. Daniel saw an angel physically standing on the banks of the river Euphrates. I'm sure Satan can walk too. Not everything has to be devotionalized.

  5. My King James Bible I ask my Pastor to look over and approve because I've heard there are some out there "changing" things and calling themselves King James Bibles. Pastor said mine hasn't any prOBlems and explained what to look for in certaing places. Yet, something is bothering me! When referring to God 'He' isn't captialized! Am I being overly comcerned?

    Capitalizing references to Deity is a fairly recent development. It is something that we do now to show respect for God, but it wasn't always so. It isn't a sin to write "he" instead of "He" for God.

  6. Hi Everybody, :icon_mrgreen:

    It's that time of year again for autumn fruits and veggies.

    The growing season this year in south east Pennsylvania has been exceptionally fine for fruit growing. Pears in particular did especially well. Our neighbor has a huge tree full of them but he does not want them. These pears are sweet, crisp and juicy and possess a very flavor content.

    OY! :eek That would be a dream come true! :thumb:
  7. She is supposed to be the pastor's wife; nothing more, nothing less. If she has gifts and talents to give to the church like other members, that is great; it shouldn't be expected of her, however.

    The Bible gives only these qualifications for a pastor's wife:

    I Tim. 3:11 Even so must their wives be grave, not slanderers, sOBer, faithful in all things.

    Titus 2 is applicable to any wife, including a pastor's.

  8. Okay, I'll relate it to something you might be familiar with. Have you ever made pottery or even played with clay or playdough for that matter. When you start out, you have something without form, but as you work with your creation, it takes form and, when it is finished you can fill it up with water (if you have just made a vase that is -- it doesn't work as well with playdough or clay though). Point is this: void and without form was a starting point that God chose for HIS creation just as it is where most of our creations begin. Why is that so hard to believe?? What did you expect that He did something miraculous and make everything out of nothing -- oh yeah.......He did.

    I've also heard a cake analogy used. I can tell someone that I made a cake. I don't think they would assume that the cake was complete on the first step. At first it was just a mass of batter in a bowl, shapeless and unadorned. After baking awhile, it took shape in the pan, and then later I decorated it.

  9. I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light. Jeremiah 4:23

    Was this at the creation? Or after a catastrophe? This form and void was evidently caused by destruction. Like I've already said several times, this is only a theory with me. But Futurehope insists I'm a heretic.
    Oh well; God be the judge of that. I prefer to be a Berean Christian, and read the WOrd of God with an open mind....because I believe it's sometimes dangerous to just accept what someone else SAYS it says. For instance, I had a former pastor, who I HIGHLY respected tell us from the pulpit that Psalm 29:9 meant "TWISTED THE OAKS". Well, silly me, I did a little digging and found that was what the NIV bible says. and I later found that he was preaching sermons written by a false teacher. Then when he l;eft the church, he conveniently took all the tapes of his sermons with him.
    Anyway, when I studied Psalm 29 for myself, I found that It is talking about how God SPEAKS to different mens' hearts. He shakes the widerness heart, breaks the proud heart, makes the humble quiet heart to bear fruit, exposes the secrets of the heart, sets the heart on fire, etc. And the first part about "giving God strength" is talking about giving God your whole heart. The point is, I questioned what this pastor said, dug into the Word for myself , and got a blessing.

    I'm sorry, I just ain't going to go telling people that a "behemoth" was a "dinosaur", on some creation site, unless I see biblical proof and God speaks it to my heart through His word.

    As we have seen in many other verses, particular Hebrew (or Greek) words can be translated in different ways depending on the context of the passage. Jeremiah 4 is indeed talking about a destructive force. It is reasonable to interpret the destructive definitions of "w/o form and void" in that passage. There is no reason, however, to apply the exact same definition (because we have already seen that there are other definitions) to Genesis 1 other than the fact that "Science" can't...or won't...reconcile dinosaurs with humans.

  10. Futurehope......here are the definitions you just posted above.......

    So you don't find it odd that God originally created an earth that was a "waste" and "undistinguisable ruin" in Genesis 1:1? Look up that term 'laid waste" in your Bible.

    A 'gap theory' simply THEORIZES that God MAY have destroyed a previous world (the dinosoars) sometime between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2
    Please show where I have taught this as FACT instead of THEORY and I will apologize.

    You chose only one of the definitions... both of those words can also mean empty, an empty place, nothing. "Without form and void" can simply mean shapeless and empty...unformed and unfilled. On day 1 of Creation, the "earth" was simply water; the dry land didn't appear until later. It was also empty; plants, animals and people didn't appear until later.
  11. It actually isn't another Valentine's Day. According to Wiki, it was started by a group of candy makers in Cleveland who would passed out sweets (candy) to orphan, the elderly and the poor as a promotional effort. It stuck but didn't become wildly popular.

    According to several other sites, it was started by one candy maker who wanted to be nice to orphans, poor people and others who were having a hard time. A couple of actresses took the idea and passed out thousands of boxes of candy to people in hospitals.

  12. He has 256 MB of RAM, not memory (hard drive space).

    It is definitely a low number though, these days. The computer I got last year has a 500 Gig hard drive and over 3 Gig RAM, and it is most likely outdated by now. Everything is going to terabytes now.

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