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  1. I haven't looked this up but I don't think God promised that Ishmael's "great nation" would last like He promised for Isaac. It could be that Ishmael's nation is no longer around.
  2. Why do you have two accounts now?
  3. fs, You come across to me as a sock puppet or troll. It seems like you are here just to rile everyone up...
  4. In response to HisByGrace... All Bible colleges have rules that are non-Biblical, meaning that the issue addressed by the rule isn't addressed in the Bible. If BJU said their "no races dating" rule was based on the Bible, then they were wrong because the Bible doesn't say that "races" shouldn't date. When they changed that rule, I applauded them. It really was a cultural rule, not a Biblical one. That was just one example pulled from your post. And PCC standing against BJU isn't about separation as much as it is rivalry... both colleges have their positives and negatives.
  5. Just a little annoyance here... "Help meet" is a noun and an adjective. It isn't all one word or one noun. "Meet" (not "meat" ) means suitable. God made a helper that was suitable to Adam because when he looked around at all the animals, he noticed there wasn't another creature that was like him.
  6. You've never used the phrase, "We walked up the path and then back down"? Or, we were walking IN the park?
  7. I can't prove that he did, and you can't prove that he didn't. Like Jerry said, angels can take physical forms when they so choose. If Satan can transform himself into an angel of light (maybe a semblance of his former self), then I'm sure he can take physical form whenever he chooses to.
  8. Which, BTW, is a strong indicator to me that Lucifer fell after Creation...
  9. The angels that visited Abraham walked to Sodom. JacOB physically wrestled with the Angel of the Lord. Daniel saw an angel physically standing on the banks of the river Euphrates. I'm sure Satan can walk too. Not everything has to be devotionalized.
  10. Most likely just a would-be spammer...
  11. Capitalizing references to Deity is a fairly recent development. It is something that we do now to show respect for God, but it wasn't always so. It isn't a sin to write "he" instead of "He" for God.
  12. This thread is open again since some of you wanted to continue in discussion... hopefully without the cursing this time...
  13. There are many more requirements to be met by this Great Whore, not just being on 7 hills. Does Istanbul meet the other requirements?
  14. Never tried it; guess I'm gonna have to.
  15. She is supposed to be the pastor's wife; nothing more, nothing less. If she has gifts and talents to give to the church like other members, that is great; it shouldn't be expected of her, however. The Bible gives only these qualifications for a pastor's wife: I Tim. 3:11 Even so must their wives be grave, not slanderers, sOBer, faithful in all things. Titus 2 is applicable to any wife, including a pastor's.
  16. I've also heard a cake analogy used. I can tell someone that I made a cake. I don't think they would assume that the cake was complete on the first step. At first it was just a mass of batter in a bowl, shapeless and unadorned. After baking awhile, it took shape in the pan, and then later I decorated it.
  17. As we have seen in many other verses, particular Hebrew (or Greek) words can be translated in different ways depending on the context of the passage. Jeremiah 4 is indeed talking about a destructive force. It is reasonable to interpret the destructive definitions of "w/o form and void" in that passage. There is no reason, however, to apply the exact same definition (because we have already seen that there are other definitions) to Genesis 1 other than the fact that "Science" can't...or won't...reconcile dinosaurs with humans.
  18. You chose only one of the definitions... both of those words can also mean empty, an empty place, nothing. "Without form and void" can simply mean shapeless and empty...unformed and unfilled. On day 1 of Creation, the "earth" was simply water; the dry land didn't appear until later. It was also empty; plants, animals and people didn't appear until later.
  19. LOL Glad to see you back, Jerry back...
  20. It actually isn't another Valentine's Day. According to Wiki, it was started by a group of candy makers in Cleveland who would passed out sweets (candy) to orphan, the elderly and the poor as a promotional effort. It stuck but didn't become wildly popular. According to several other sites, it was started by one candy maker who wanted to be nice to orphans, poor people and others who were having a hard time. A couple of actresses took the idea and passed out thousands of boxes of candy to people in hospitals.
  21. That's beautiful, Jerry!
  22. Jesus said that if we love Him we will keep His commandments. "All your strength" can be something as simple as "whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might". Whatever we are doing that requires our physical strength, we should do it heartily as unto the Lord and not unto men.
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