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  1. My daughter just reminded me that they also watch Frosty the Snowman and enjoy it but know it is just a made up story.
  2. Hmm; my view isn't up there. Our kids know St. Nicholas was a real person who gave gifts to poor people. They also know his story has grown and changed over the years to the fairy tales we have now. We don't make a big deal out of Santa. We tell our kids that Santa is a fairy tale just like Cinderella. They watch the TV Christmas specials when they come on and know it is just make-believe stories, no different than Clifford, Curious George or Wishbone.
  3. My scanner and A Charlie Brown Christmas in the background...
  4. http://onlinebaptist.com/messageboards/thread-10097-page-1.html From Alimantado:
  5. I'd like to see some snow but not ice. Seriously tired of this nose-stuffing cold but glad the kids are doing well in school. I was so delighted today listening to my 5 year old read an 8 page book with real sentences.
  6. That's what I was thinking too. The teal is too close to the silver already. I love both of those colors, amblivion, but the red is such a nice contrast.
  7. I'll post these in the order they happened... 1. A dear friend lost their jOB a couple of months go. They are now old enough to collect retirement but that won't kick in until next Spring. Pray for God to supply their needs. 2. The oldest son (of 7 or 8 kids) of a former pastor of mine was married on 11/09/09. He was killed 9 days later in a vehicle accident. Pray for his family and his bride of only 9 days. 3. The oldest son (17 years old) of a former college-mate of mine was in a severe car accident. His pelvis is crushed and has other severe injuries. The worst one is brain d
  8. No, the phrase under Bakershalfdozen says "Smilies Supervisor", which I am no longer. It needs to say something like, oh, I don't know... how about "Grammar Nazi" :icon_biggrin:
  9. I dunno; I read SofS when I was single and didn't think of it as Christ and the church. I just read it and knew there were things in marriage to look forward to. IMO, most of the commentators who try to allegorize it lived in time periods when it was taboo to ever talk about anything sexual.
  10. When the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone. Oh well, Christmas is coming!
  11. Yes, I just love the smileys here. I wish I could have put all that I have on the board, but that would be slightly overwhelming.
  12. I don't usually participate in Black Friday shopping, but I did this year. My husband's two sisters and their families were here so we all went out Friday to a couple of stores that didn't have as much hype as places like Best Buy or Walmart. We had a really nice time and found some good deals.
  13. I can't change my user title anymore.
  14. Thanks, everyone. Like BroMatt said, I'll still post here when I can, and I'm always glad to point out grammatical errors, Chev. ITim, I'm looking forward to my unbiased opinion too. Jerry, I can still use this bat: My only regret...not being in control of the smilies anymore. Or contests... I really, really enjoyed the contests.
  15. I wanted to address this comment because there are plenty of passages in the Bible that might be deemed "inappropriate" by some. When handled with maturity and explanations for a child's mental level, they really aren't a prOBlem. You wouldn't want your 6 or 7 year old reading SofS if it is talking about intimacy? What about the passages that describe forced circumcision... men urinating against a wall... the abuse and brutality against the concubine in Judges... or this phrase, "bruise the teats of her virginity"? What would you say when a child asks you what a concubine was - like my ch
  16. I agree with dwayner also. SofS is indeed poetry about love and marriage. It can be applied to our relationship with Christ but the primary interpretation of the book is love and marriage.
  17. Turkey Ham Mashed Potatoes Homemade Sage Dressing Cornbread Dressing Noodles Green bean casserole Sweet potato casserole Green beans Shoepeg Corn Other veggies Cranberry Sauce Rolls Pumpkin Pie w/whipped topping Apple Pie w/ice cream Chocolate Pudding Pie Cake of some kind There will also be banana bread, pumpkin-chip muffins, assorted cookies and other stuff for noshing. Also, anything else I think of or the relatives bring I'm not making all of that by myself (most, but not all); other relatives are bringing stuff. I'm planning on 18 people.
  18. Mine isn't working right today either. I'll click on a thread that says it has 7 replies but it only shows the 4 from yesterday. I have to hit refresh every time just to see the new posts.
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