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  1. male cat Dry food or pouch/can pet food?
  2. prefer long but can't keep 'em spaghetti or lasagne
  3. as far as public transportation goes, I have never ridden in either one but I would choose cab first unless I didn't have alot of money then it would be bus. :D Crayons or colored pencils?
  4. Yes, what is road hockey? Mini golf Bowling or skating
  5. whole wheat butter or margarine?
  6. brown sugar cookies or brownies
  7. Can I opt for medium crust? :lol: Pizza Hut's hand-tossed is my favorite. Wall calendar or desk calendar?
  8. pizza meat or veggies on pizza?
  9. In my experience, the Pacific Coast is prettier than the Atlantic Coast but both are nice. Christmas shopping is all done! Christmas stockings or not?
  10. walk on the beach Pacific coast or Atlantic coast
  11. I am going to say video games because I love playing Tetris but rarely get to do it. As far as reading books, fiction or non-fiction
  12. I have tasted livermush and scrapple. *gagging* live plants in the Spring, do you plant: annuals or perennials
  13. both :D broccoli better though Watermelon or cantaloupe?
  14. country - I have dialup too. :mrgreen: Fall or Spring (favorite season)
  15. I love my ink tanks; I'll never buy another cartridge printer again. :mrgreen: Bulky monitor. dialup or high speed internet access?
  16. Windows XP Ink tanks or cartridge in your printer?
  17. definitely dishwasher! liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets?
  18. Bakershalfdozen


    My 2 favorite crafts are cross-stitch and wreath-making. I can also crochet and I dabble in cake decorating.
  19. Of course not but my point was there are plenty of other threads that deal with this issue. I have seen several questions asked on this forum that were not answered (again) but were rather referred to another section of the forum via a link.
  20. [quote] it is the complete, perfect, perserved, inerrant, infallible Word of God, the Bible. [/quote] ...in the English language. God has also preserved His word in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, etc. Are we really having this discussion again? There are alot of other threads about this topic and some of you will go round and round and never get anyone else to change his/her beliefs.
  21. if you are refering to husbands, mine is definitely a prince!!! :lol: Powdered donuts or chocolate donuts? (I don't know if that has been posted yet or not but I am not about to go back through 113 pages to find out.) :lol:
  22. Why did everyone stop posting in this thread? :lol:
  23. Do I have to write something every time or can I just do this: :frog :frog :frog :frog :frog :frog :frog :frog :frog :frog :frog :frog
  24. Ok, it is official. I am going to stop watching this post. :lol:

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