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  1. We had baked chicken, mashed potatoes, spinach and rolls for supper (aka, dinner ).
  2. we will now pause for some station identification
  3. How much of the earth did the Roman Empire cover? It wasn't limited to Italy and Israel. Rome controlled all of the known world at the time. So all the world means all the world. I doubt North & South America will be exempt. "ge" can mean a region but it can also mean the entire globe and the inhabitants thereof. You are deducing that "earth" means Israel because you believe "world" to be referring only to the Roman Empire, meaning one section. All means all. :thumb
  4. 1) The woman is Israel, not the church. The place prepared is for Israel. 2) As you are so fond of pointing out, :Green to whom was the discourse given? Also the Lord mentioned Daniel's prophecy. This is given to the Jews and the messenger told Daniel that the prophecy was determined upon his people and upon the Holy City (Jerusalem). This time is also called, "The time of Jacob's trouble". These are all Jewish references and have nothing to do with the Bride of Christ. 3) When taken at face value, it says that during the rapture the believers will be caught up in the clouds to
  5. BTW, I believe the bows, arrows and horses are literal also. It will be interesting to see how that comes to pass.
  6. I always thought so too but then I wondered how it fit the "peace and safety" scenario.
  7. Ok, yes I can see the differences. There still seems to be a few similarities though. I guess I don't think of Israel as living in peace until anti-Christ makes a treaty with them. But in comparison, they are probably in a kind of "peace" right now with all their military might. And the cities don't have walls around them. It is just all interesting because recently a Jewish television station broadcast a political map showing Gog and Magog and the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 in light of the very real thread of Iran and Iran's allies, namely Russia and most of the Arab world. Slightly o
  8. I understand that Rev. 20 is the whole world and a different battle. I'm talking about Rev. 19 and Jesus' 2nd Coming. That passage seems to indicate that Israel is under attack and Jesus rescues them. Then the Millennium starts; to me that coincides with Ez. 39. I really don't know though which is why I am asking. Can you show me from Scripture why you believe the battle to be before the Trib.?
  9. How many prophecies are there concerning Gog and Magog? It is my understanding that Gog and Magog come against Israel twice: post trib and post mill. Today I read that some people believe there is a 3rd attempt (actually 1st in their minds) and it is pre trib. They believe this war will usher in the anti-Christ and tribulation period. Anyone else ever heard of this and know what Scriptures these ppl use to back this up?
  10. Ok, maybe I'm just clueless or my screen is messing up the image. :puzzled:
  11. I see the handbag strap across your chest. I'm talking about what appears to be criss-cross lines on your neck like a white scarf or something.
  12. Ok, I just gotta know. What IS that wrapped around your neck, Madeline? Is it a scarf?
  13. Don't I know it. Sheesh. :roll I guess it is because I was raised in it. Hard to get that chip outta the head sometimes. :Green
  14. matiek, I grew up in similar circumstances. :smile Going door-to-door every Saturday AM isn't the only way to witness. You know this. That is a man-made rule. Nothing wrong with it but it shouldn't put you on a guilt trip. Many a female missionary in foreign countries witness for Christ simply by living a Christian example in their community, having some ladies over for tea, starting a children's Bible club in their backyard, etc. And yes, my dh and I discuss issues from these boards. We both love a deep discussion and also usually end up agreeing. It is nice that (most of the
  15. haha, I guess dwayner actually suggested this particular topic. Zeal, just think of this and all the other women threads as the topic of the month. Next month it will be something else. We discuss all kinds of things here w/o having an agenda.
  16. Well I didn't say anyone had suggested this topic. I suggested it because I like starting discussions. Some people do have a problem in this area and have made statements like, "You weren't built for thinking" or "Girls shouldn't go to college; all they need to know is how to cook and clean". I also didn't say that was the primary application of the Mary, Martha passage. It isn't. But in all the exegesis of that passage, it is still interesting to point out that Jesus never told Mary to go back to the kitchen because "that's where you belong".
  17. Lest anyone think I'm a wannabe feminist, I'm not. I believe the Bible when it says that women are to submit to their husband (he has the final say), reverence their husband, be keepers at home and try to be a Proverbs 31 woman as much as possible (who had her own business, BTW). What I dislike and argue against is the idea that women are only for making babies, cooking the food and cleaning the house and that they have nothing else to contribute mentally or spiritually. Jesus did indeed give women the right to learn from Him and of Him when He said that Mary had chosen the better part. I
  18. Well, I can't post the article but I can post the links. I first read Men, Women, Authority & Power on the FFF, written by Bassenco. Read* the first 2 posts by her to read what I am talking about. Her webpage contains these same articles and more. I in no way endorse everything this woman has written or everything she stands for but I did find this article interesting. *Note: if the word "women" is highlighted in red when you click on that link, it is because I found the thread through a search.
  19. What is Ephesians 5:21 referring to then?
  20. That is correct. Now then, does God ever tell men to submit to their wives?
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