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  1. Awww, you'll miss part of the contest! Oh well, have a great time and see ya when you get back. Happy B/D to you both!
  2. The BOTs are search engines, not real people. Also, many times something will be going on here and a member will mention it on another board to their friends and the friends will join up here just to see what is being discussed and possibly put in their :2cents . I imagine this happens on most boards where controversial topics are discussed.
  3. Your attitude is what is getting your posts deleted and is what will get you banned quicker than any belief system you promote.
  4. Ah, I see the gingerbread didn't make it to tomorrow's church lunch. :lol:
  5. Of course, if they have chocolate syrup! :thumb
  6. Well, I shouldn't have specified "hard" candy. Any non-chocolate candy will do. :Green Gummy worms, laffy taffy, all that stuff can be included.
  7. Just considering that puzzle made me dizzy. Also, if I were to cut a piece of paper that many times there wouldn't be anything left. :Green Just kidding - I know it is a math puzzle, not a physics puzzle.
  8. Folks, it has been too long. Let's talk about chocolate! 1. Favorite candy bar - tossup between snickers and butterfinger 2. Favorite drink (chocolate milk, hot cocoa, mocha) - hm, that's a hard one. I like all 3! :frog 3. Favorite cookie w/chocolate - probably oreos 4. Favorite cake w/chocolate - hm, don't have a particular fave 5. Favorite ice cream w/chocolate - the ice cream cake I make 6. Other kind of candy - buckeyes, fudge 7. Favorite anything else w/chocolate - anything else w/chocolate :frog Cheesecake sounds good I made a concoction the other day tha
  9. Folks, it has been too long. Let's talk about chocolate! 1. Favorite candy bar 2. Favorite drink (chocolate milk, hot cocoa, mocha) 3. Favorite cookie w/chocolate 4. Favorite cake w/chocolate 5. Favorite ice cream w/chocolate 6. Other chocolate candy 7. Favorite anything else w/chocolate
  10. Our kids' jr. church teacher (he's a dentist, BTW! ) passes out candy on Sunday and sometimes my husband makes comments about it saying that kids shouldn't even know what sugar is until they are teenagers. He'll go on and then eventually he will launch a lengthy discourse about all the different kinds of candy he ate as a kid. I rarely had hard candy as a kid and don't really have a taste for it. I remember the occasional peppermint, butterscotch, jaw breaker and cinnamon ball. That's about it. Anyhoo, all of that rambling to ask...what is your favorite hard candy?
  11. With all the talk of Lincoln on this board and since I saw a similar thread on another board... Who were the 3 best Presidents America has had and why? This can be constitutionally, morally, spiritually, etc. Who were the 3 worst Presidents America has had and why? This can be constitutionally, morally, spiritually, etc. Who is your favorite President to study/read about? (This can include one you don't like if you spend a lot of time reading about him)
  12. Good thing God's thoughts are not our thoughts nor His ways our ways. :Green When God says whosoever will may come, we can believe it. When God says that He loved the whole world we can believe it. When God says that no one seeks after Him and is incapable of knowing Him w/o His help we can believe that. When God says chosen, elected, etc. we can believe that too in the context in which it was written.
  13. Mm, I love medium cheddar! I also enjoy monterey jack, colby and a bunch of other cheeses. I tasted a delectable nugget the other day; it was a cheese that had dill in it. Yum! So, what is your favorite snacking cheese?
  14. Exactly. Any Creationist debater will tell you that when they are debating between the two, they are always talking about macro-evolution. One species simply cannot change into another species. A dog will never eventually become a cat. A cherry tree will never eventually bear apples.
  15. Isn't that the key phrase? Would it have happened if left to themselves?
  16. No matter which side anyone falls on this subject, everyone still has only writers to rely on when it comes to Lincoln. There aren't any eyewitnesses (or earwitnesses) left. It all comes down to whom one chooses to believe and why.
  17. I guess I fail to understand why so much emphasis is placed on one dead president. Don't get me wrong, I love history but pick on Lincoln so much?
  18. Were there any other "unconstitutional presidents" or just the one associated with the Civil War (er, The War Between the States, um, or was it The War of Northern Aggression?). I read of Abraham Lincoln being a bad prez and in recent history, Clinton and GWB being a bad prez. Surely there were other unconstitutional presidents. Why aren't more articles written about them?
  19. I'm not sure why CJP56 said she has no talent. :puzzled: Now, I have no talent for drawing. Absolutely none. I'm even bad at stick figures. Anyhoo, here is one of her paintings... (sorry it is a little crooked)
  20. Those guys are hilarious and so are their credits! You have to say some of them out loud to understand the joke and even still, there are some that I don't get.
  21. Saturday for me. I had to look it up. DH was a Friday and I had to look up my kids too! I couldn't remember. :ooops :Green Friday, Tuesday, Thursday and Wednesday.
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