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  1. 4 door - with 4 kids I need all the doors I can get! leather or cloth seats in your vehicle?
  2. I'm doing great and am ready for Spring too! We ordered some different flowers and plants from www.eburgess.com the other day and can't wait to plant them!
  3. I grew up in Indiana so I will answer this one... :D Come on, you mean you don't know that the Hoosiers are the Indiana University Basketball team?!?!?!? (Basketball is a BIG thing in Indiana)
  4. peanuts M&M's or Reese's pieces?
  5. definitely seedless! Raspberries or blackberries?
  6. Chocolate bar (I hate surprises inside of chocolates :mrgreen: ) peanut butter in your candy bar or caramel?
  7. I love taking a hot bath on a cold winter night but most of the time I take a shower to save time. Bubble bath or bath beads?
  8. Oh, that's another one of those BOTH! :lol: I guess I favor banana splits though Blizzard or milkshake
  9. hmm; I usually buy frozen veggies in bulk Ice cream sandwiches or scoop it into a bowl (quarts or gallons)
  10. love both coupons or rebates?
  11. Depends on my mood. :lol: I play Scrabble with my husband but we don't play monopoly together because it just isn't very much fun with only two people. Pictionary or charades?
  12. Oh my, do I have to choose??? BOTH! Jelly-filled donut or bear claw?
  13. burgandy Cinnamon or caramel?
  14. boiled Blue cheese or ranch dressing?
  15. If you are referring to animals, then tigers. If you are referring to sports teams, then bleah. :lol: J/K Potpourri or air freshener
  16. planes Raggedy Ann or Holly Hobbie
  17. Lemonade Going to a zoo or going to a museum?
  18. both but playground more often because it is free :D visit Europe or Australia someday?
  19. I've never been fishing :oops: Milk or juice
  20. Both Going fishing or going to an aquarium?
  21. Baked McDonald's fries or Burger King's fries?
  22. Pizza Hut, Baby! (I make a good homemade version though too. :D ) Rice or potatoes?
  23. Snickers!!! Woo-hoo. My absolute favorite Leather couch or fabric?

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