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  1. Comfit Noun 1. comfit - candy containing a fruit or nut confection, sweet - a food rich in sugar Verb 1. comfit - make into a confection; In the Middle East, comfits are often offered to guests at weddings. Swivet Noun 1. swivet - a panic or extreme discomposure; affright, panic, terror - an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety It threw her into a swivet.
  2. Friday, September 26 Alimantado posted this word today: Impoverished - Deprived of natural richness or strength; limited or depleted How impoverished this forum would be without your posts, Jerry.
  3. Not yet. I'm still obsessing over this thread. :tease:
  4. I know that you knew that I knew what I was talking about. Know what I mean? :coffee Seriously, known grammatical errors bug me. I have to correct them. Don't you just love that humongo word I used - "bug"? :frog
  5. No prob. :cool Dh is always looking for a way to incorporate some form of juxtapose into his sentences. :lol:
  6. Actually, I gave the definition for juxtapose. Juxtaposition means "side by side". Juxtapose means "to place side by side". One is a verb; the other is a noun.
  7. Well, don't forget to count that verses that contain phrases like, "everlasting punishment", "eternal fire", "judgment"*, "death"*, etc. *These verses, of course, would have to be in the context of hell
  8. I tried this before but didn't keep up with it. I'll try to do better this time around but it won't be everyday that I post a word. If you read a word in a post here on OB and you do not know the definition, please post it here. We can all increase our vocabulary together. (I know, most of you are saying, "How boring!") I'll start with a word Annie used yesterday: Milieu - the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops My point had nothing to do with anyone's ignorance, but rather with their unwillingness to exist in a milieu where their ideas can be addre
  9. I stopped watching after the first one. :frog I started the 2nd one and couldn't finish it and started the 3rd one and couldn't finish it. Compared to the books, they were sooooo stooooooooooooooopid! But that's just me. :Green When I heard they killed off Willie, I completely gave up on them. :roll Sheesh! They make Missie out to be some kind of ERA woman or something. Hehe, sorry for the rant. :Bleh
  10. Yes, that is refreshing indeed! I had wondered about that...
  11. We studied Dispensations at ABC and used a book by Charles C. Ryrie. It is worth buying (only $10!) and is a really good study on the subject http://www.amazon.com/Dispensationalism ... 919&sr=8-2 Renald Showers also has a book that is a good comparison between Dispensations and Covenant Theology - http://www.amazon.com/There-Really-Diff ... y_b_text_b Here is an overview of the doctrine of Dispensationalism (NOT Hyper-dispensationalism, i.e. Ruckmanism): Different theologians have separated the Bible into different sections, some more, some less. Ryrie and Scofield make
  12. Ditto. I generally can't stand any movie that is unlike a book I've already read. If I see the movie first, it generally doesn't bother me as much.
  13. Erk...I can't stand the Love Comes Softly movies. They are hardly anything at all like the books. The books became popular for a reason and I hate it when screenplay writers take a good thing and rewrite it to suit their own purposes.
  14. Books Thomas Kinkade art products Teacup and saucer sets
  15. MMM! A mexican fiesta. (Not dh, he grilled some pork chops.) But the kids and I had tacos, spanish rice, beans and homemade tortilla chips. I'm officially stuffed.
  16. Last night we had grilled teriyaki chicken, fresh corn on the cob and spinach.
  17. What are some of the main ingredients in mayonnaise? :smile Eggs and oil. Using mayo in a chocolate mayo cake does what the eggs and oil do in other cakes. Usually cakes with mayo in them are very moist.
  18. We grilled out. It is just too hot to do much cooking.
  19. Mm, my fave casserole! Can I come over? :wave:
  20. I never see any ads but thanks for the heads up. I'm sure BroMatt will want to know about it.
  21. A new toy for all you banners... :lol If you want to use it, you'll have to copy/paste the code (or just use the quote feature) until I get it into our emoticon system.
  22. Ok, I admit it... It is pretty funny. :lol Hey, what do you expect from first-time gardeners? We're pretty pathetic. We were laughing at our ownselves tonight saying we were acting like new parents. :lol:
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