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  1. Oh and last night's dinner was baked chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and crescent rolls.
  2. Julie, I have made this casserole several times now using the recipe on the back of the can and I LOVE IT!!! :mrgreen: It is so delicious and creamy. My mom and dad even liked it and they don't usually go for mexican-style food. I just want to say that I have applied PE's "Moore's Law" to this recipe. If the amount of cheese called for in the recipe makes it good then more is going to be way, way better!!! What I have started doing is mixing cheddar and monterey jack into the casserole itself and also topping it with the cheddar/jack mixture. It is soooooo delish!
  3. hannah, I edited your poll for you.
  4. I made up a mexican casserole tonight and it was delicious!!! I mixed 1 can of fat free refried beans with 1/2 can tomato soup (undiluted) and 1/2 can cream of chicken soup (undiluted). Then I mixed in about 1/2 cup - 3/4 cup mild taco sauce, then stirred in some garlic powder and ground cumin. I browned 1 lb. ground beef with some onion and then mixed in a packet of taco seasoning mix and 3/4 cup water - cooked until thickened. Then I layered the casserole into a square baking dish lasagne-style. I put some of the refried bean mixture in the bottom of the pan. Then I layered it starting with the flour tortillas and then the bean mix, meat, medium cheddar; tortillas, bean mix, meat, medium cheddar. Cover, bake at 350* for 45 minutes or until bubbly. Uncover and bake until cheese is melted to your satisfaction. It was very good and tasty with sour cream and salsa!
  5. Beef teriyaki stir fry with broccoli, carrots and rice. Chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
  6. [quote="Jesuspaiditall4all"] [quote="Bakershalfdozen"]Dunno. That is what was stated though. BTW, it is a meatless main dish at my house too. :mrgreen: [/quote] Jessica, are you stirring the pot, just a little.... :wink: . I know we shouldn't let the macaroni stick to the bottom of the pot.. :lol: :lol: :lol:[/quote] :lol: :rollover: :haha
  7. Dunno. That is what was stated though. BTW, it is a meatless main dish at my house too. :mrgreen:
  8. If your wife's mac 'n cheese is your main dish, then yes, you won the argument. :lol: The argument being, that mac 'n cheese can't be a main dish. I know, I'm stirring up strife here but it is all in fun. :mrgreen:
  9. Chev, Is the mac 'n cheese your main dish? *old argument brewing here* :D
  10. Sloppy Joes, macaroni and cheese, peas
  11. Sandwiches - the power was off all afternoon and evening.
  12. Tried Julie's enchilada casserole tonight. :mrgreen: Very good! I forgot to get flour tortillas the last time I was at the store so I found a recipe online to make your own. Very cool and very easy! :mrgreen:
  13. Sounds delish! Pardon my ignorance, but what is chicken verde soup? I have never heard of that before. I have never seen it either.
  14. Rice-a-roni meatballs, mashed potatoes, peas
  15. Chicken, rice and spinach last night (Saturday). On Sunday nights after church we always have "breakfast" - eggs, waffles, bacon and sausage.
  16. [quote="kjvdad"] Pizza [b][color=red]Gut[/color][/b] tonight! Kids ate free. [/quote] Boy, ain't that the truth! :lol: Sorry, it was just funny. :mrgreen:
  17. We are having homemade chicken pot pie for lunch.
  18. I luuuuuuvvvvv Mexican Restaurant food. I like Taco Bell too but sitdown restaurant Mexican food is just too-too. Unfortunately Hubby doesn't like it so it has been YEARS! :bawling: :verymad: :mrgreen: Anyhoo, tonight we are having mackerel patties, rice and broccoli.

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