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  1. God Be With You Till We Meet Again So how many of you are keeping a hymnal next to the computer now? :lol:
  2. I have seen some John R. Rice Bibles use the word "thoroughly" instead of "throughly" in the verse with the phrase, "throughly furnished unto all good works".
  3. Yes I do - depends on the game though. :mrgreen: The person next to me ate breakfast this morning.
  4. Yes I do like peanuts. Peanuts are about the only nut I really, really like. Some others are okay but I don't enjoy them as much as peanuts. Ok, enough rambling. The person next to me also enjoys rambling. :frog
  5. Uh, Chevy, you're supposed to take the last item in the previous post and associate with it. :mrgreen: I'm taking the word "sawdust" in your post and associating it with "trail". sawdust and trail
  6. Yes indeedy! I do enjoy the fellowship here at OB!! The person next to me uses Windows XP.
  7. This game involves associating any two things together. Use the second item of the previous post to make a new association. One person can say TEA AND COOKIES The next person can say COOKIES AND MILK Then MILK AND CEREAL Etc. This doesn't have to be just food. It can be anything.
  8. Make a statement with the phrase, "The person next to me...". The next person answers and then posts a phrase. It works like this: I say, The person next to me likes chocolate. The next poster would say Yes I do! And then make a phrase of their own like, The person next to me has freckles. Someone else would then answer. Make sense? Here goes: The person next to me has glasses.
  9. Let's see how many hymns we can come up with and post them in alphabetical order. Skip X and Z. Amazing Grace
  10. Last night: Crock pot chicken with a creamy celery sauce Mashed potatoes Asparagus Tonight: Cheeseburgers Green beans
  11. Creamy Corn and Ham Chowder Homemade bread Where's that yummy, yummy emoticon??? :mrgreen:
  12. Chelle wrote: You two sound like a Lean Cuisine commercial. :lol:
  13. Looks like ebay has several as well... http://books.search.ebay.com/Fix-It-and ... QsacatZ267
  14. Last night we had salisbury steak, rice and lima beans. Tonight is baked fish, some sort of pasta side dish (haven't decided which one yet :mrgreen: ) and veggies (haven't decided on that either).

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