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  1. My scanner and A Charlie Brown Christmas in the background...
  2. When the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone. Oh well, Christmas is coming!
  3. When you have a grocery cart full and you are loading your things on the conveyor belt and the person behind you puts all their stuff up there and doesn't leave any room.
  4. Being stuck at the top of the 125 ft. Ferris Wheel!
  5. We're working on a new sub-forum for special diets...
  6. Picking up discount ride tickets for the fair!
  7. Beef patties in a creamy celery sauce over hot noodles Fresh buttery corn on the cob Broccoli Blueberry donut & hot coffee with hazelnut creamer
  8. Staying up all night because you can't put down the book you are reading...
  9. Spaghetti, garlic bread, and green beans
  10. People who act like no one else is in the restaurant.
  11. That is funny on a couple of levels... LOL
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