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  1. You all can joke around if you want, but I am enjoying my new laptop. It comes with a one year warranty (parts and labor). I have been tweaking it all weekend. I know a bargain when I see it. Some of you are just jealous that I got in on the sale and you didn't.
  2. Acer Aspiron 5315-2153 1.73 Ghz Celeron 530 1024 MB DDR2 RAM 80 GB HD DVD ROM/CD-RW 3 USB ports 960GML Chipset Intel X3100 GMA graphics 15.4" WXGA widescreen 802.11b/g Wireless LAN & 56K Modem Windows Vista Basic
  3. Outgoing mail for Outlook Express: #1 - Click on tools --> accounts #2 - Click on account properties #3 - Click on servers #4 - Check the box that says 'my server requires authentication' #5 - Click on settings for this check box #6 - Under logon information choose 'log on using' and enter user name and password. #7 - Check 'remember password' #8 - Click 'ok' #9 - Click 'apply'
  4. WD = Western Digital Book Drive = an external hard drive that looks like a small book The emachine Operating System Restore Disc does not require a registering of Windows XP. I have had this computer 3 months and have deleted partions, created partitions, and reformatted the hard drive. It has not once asked for a key code or a registration number. Why that is, I am not sure. I resisted even getting XP because of the need to register.
  5. Recently I bought a new eMachine off of ebay. It came with a bunch of trial software preloaded. I created the restore disks and then wipe out the hard drive. After creating new partitions, I reinstalled only the operating system and the necessary hardware drivers. No more trial software! I didn't even have to register XP with Microsoft. Below are the specs: 3.06 Ghz Pentium 4 1024 MB RAM (originally came with 512 MB) 160 GB Hard Drive 320 GB Hard Drive (added on for extra space) 250 GB WD Book Drive (USB) (added on for extra space) 16X DL DVD Burner 48X CD Burner (added on) 9 in 1 Car
  6. It sounds to me like you are admitting that you drink alcoholic beverages. It also sounds to me that you are going to great lengths to justify your actions. In other words, it seems to me that you love drinking so much, that you are willing to twist scripture in order to sooth your guilty conscience. If you want to call that a personal attack, then so be it.
  7. Jesus did not drink alcoholic beverages. It is obvious that you are twisting scripture to justify your love of alcoholic beverages. Have you ever tried to witness to your neighbor with a beer in your hand?
  8. In northern Butler County, Pennsylvania on Sept. 21, 1997, after leaving church on that Sunday night, my parents were hit head on by a drunk driver. He was bar hopping because he lost his job. His last stop: the local VFW. My parents were killed instantly and so was the drunk driver. His blood alcohol was .30 (which was 3 times over the legal limit). Because of this, four of our children will never be able to hug their grandparents.
  9. It would seem that the songs are copy protected.
  10. I am adding this post as a final chapter on Bible Baptist Church. Today, after the morning service, the treasurer (who calls himself the 'interim pastor') held a men's meeting in the pastor's office. He said that I was causing dissension in the church and requested that we leave. My family and I were kicked out of Bible Baptist Church today by a Diotrephes (III John 9,10). A God called preacher is not welcome at Bible Baptist Church. Sincerely, Bro. Steve Smith
  11. We have 5 desktops; 4 Compaqs that were given to me (all Pentium 3 933 Mhz 512 MB RAM) that we have been using for about 2 years and 1 eMachine which I bought new 2 months ago(Pentium 4 3.06 Ghz 1 GB RAM). We had 2 Gateways (Athlon 650 Mhz) that we used for over 4 years until they gave up the ghost (they were bought used). I have always done my own repair work (when needed).
  12. I am hereby withdrawing this advertisement for Bible Baptist Church. We have been a part of the church for 4 months. I have been used as pulpit supply for the last 6 weeks and was under the assumption that I was the interim pastor until a new pastor could be secured. This past week I had a rather eye-opening experience. #1 - The treasurer (who is the church's only deacon/trustee) considers himself to be the interim pastor as well as a one man pulpit committee. He wants me to preach only that which he approves of. #2 - Even though the treasurer calls himself the interim pastor, he admits
  13. I am an independent (unaffiliated), fundamental Baptist preacher seeking the Lord's will. We are asking the Lord to open the door for pastoral service. I am King James only. I believe, practice, and preach both personal and ecclesiastical separation. I preach Biblical salvation (repentance and faith) as well as Biblical standards of holiness. We would like to remain in Kansas but will consider anywhere in the United States, if it be the Lord's will. If you know of an independent (unaffiliated), fundamental Baptist church that needs a pastor then please e-mail me at brosmith@ruraltel.net
  14. I have been asked to give more information about Bible Baptist Church. #1 - We are an independent (unaffiliated) fundamental, King James Bible believing Baptist church. #2 - We do not associate with or support any organized fellowships and we do not support any BBF missionaries. #3 - Our church has been in existence for 20 years and there have been 7 previous pastors in those 20 years. #4 - We cannot support a pastor full-time therefore he must be willing to get a secular job. Sincerely, Bro. Steve Smith
  15. Bible Baptist Church Goodland, Kansas call Steve McIlroy 785-899-5552
  16. I am a motel manager. We live at the motel and are responsible for cleaning and maintainance as well. However, I close the office on Sunday morning and evening for church. We do not do laundry or clean empty rooms on Sunday. I won't do any work on Sunday unless it is an absolute emergency. Oh, by the way, we don't shop, eat out, buy gas, ect. on Sundays either.
  17. Hypothetically speaking: if we as Christians are not supposed to "remember the sabbath day to keep it holy" then why should we as Christians obey any of the other commandents? How many of us have the 10 commandments posted in our homes? Why not just post 9 instead of 10 since the other one supposedly no longer applies? Yes, there are some occupations that "require" Sunday work but for the majority of people, the one motivation for working on Sunday is THE LOVE OF MONEY!
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