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  1. 6 hours ago, No Nicolaitans said:

    I've sat back to see if "brosmith" would respond, but he hasn't...

    So "brosmith"...no apologies to the forum or administrators of the board for your failure to actually read the posts that you claimed to have read...that showed you were wrong?

    No apologies to the forum or administrators for being proven wrong in your lack of actually reading the follow-up posts to the OP?

    No apologies to the forum or administrators for condemning an entire board of users when you obviously didn't actually read whether anyone addressed the issue?

    Shame on you.

    You see...I don't want an apology for my part, but how dare you condemn an entire group of people for YOUR neglect. 

    Next time...actually read the posts instead of inferring that you've read them...and jumping on EVERYONE because you think you've found something to get on a pedestal about, thump your chest, and put down an entire community...when you actually didn't read the posts.

    Again I say, shame on you. I hope your years of not commenting were worth coming back and making us glad you haven't been commenting.

    I'm tired of this stuff. If a moderator wants to remove this, I understand. 

    The OP quoted extensively from "Tomorrow's World" website, speaking positively of their Bible study course and (as far as I could tell) no one had warned this person that "Tomorrow's World" is the outreach "ministry" of a cult that used to be called the Worldwide Church of God (Herbert W Armstrong) and is now known as the Living Church of God. Your "warning" stated


    A quick internet search returned this...

    From what little I've read, John Ogwyn is the person behind the course. Since he is affiliated with the "Living Church of God", I can't recommend his teachings.

    This didn't sound like much of a warning to me. So, I felt the need to sound the alarm.

  2. It has been several years since I last posted or commented on these discussion boards. I find it necessary to comment on this discussion because I am troubled by the lack of warning about those who promote false doctrine. The OP (Totoosart) ask about a Bible study course from "Tomorrow's World" and (as far as I can tell) no one warned this person that "Tomorrow's World" is the outreach "ministry" of a cult that used to be called the Worldwide Church of God (Herbert W Armstrong) and is now known as the Living Church of God. It only took me a few moments to discover the truth about "Tomorrow's World." What is your excuse for not exposing error and false doctrine?




  3. These are courses for Sunday Schools, Bible institutes, and Home Bible 
    studies. Each of these courses is a pdf file on a CD that has unlimited 
    printing privileges (yes, the copyright holder permits this). These are not 
    copies of CDs. The publisher is Bible Baptist Church Publications in Oak 
    Harbor, Washington.

    ABC's of Christian Growth - $ 73.50
    ABC's of Christian Growth - Answer Key - $ 35.00
    ABC's of Christian Maturity (2 volumes) - $ 150.00
    ABC's of Christian Maturity - Answer Key (2 volumes) - $ 50.00
    Premarital Preparation Course - $ 36.00
    Commentary - The Book of Acts - $ 95.00
    Landmarks of Baptist Doctrine (4 volumes) - $ 216.00
    Landmarks of Church History (2 volumes) - $ 175.00
    Lectures in Pastoral Theology - $ 125.00
    Lectures in the Life of Christ - $ 75.00
    Lectures in the New Testament Epistles - $ 135.00
    Manuscript Evidence for our English Bible - $ 155.00
    Principles of Personal Evangelism - $ 75.00
    The Life and Labors of the Apostle Paul - $ 125.00
    Women in Ministry - $ 120.00
    Procedures Manual (for starting a Bible institute) - $ 30.00

    These are the original prices that I paid for this curriculum. My total cost 
    was $1,670.50. I am willing to sell all of it for one price of $1,350.00 
    (postage paid). I am also willing to sell individual courses at 15% off the 
    price that I paid (postage paid).

    Please send an email to brosmith@pioneerbaptist.org if interested.

  4.      I am hereby withdrawing from Online Baptist. I will not participate on a forum that allows members (such as kindofblue1977) to promote ungodly and wicked lifestyles. Yes, that is exactly what this member is doing. In the name of tolerance and love, he or she (I am not sure if this member is a man or woman) is promoting homosexualty and lesbianism. I have asked the moderator to delete this thread and have also asked him/her to ban kindofblue1977. Neither one has happened, so (with a heavy heart) I am hereby withdrawing my membership from this board.



    Bro Steve Smith


  5. I don't disagree with you in the slightest, but it must be added that anyone who thinks they can trust these to stop their kids seeing this stuff is also a fool. Most kids interested in finding this stuff also know how to get around these filters. Teach your kids, guard your kids, and hopefully get your kids to agree with the filter.


         I agree. Years ago I made the mistake of allowing one of our older sons to have a computer in his room with internet access without an online filter. As a result, he became addicted to pornography. I take full responsibility. I was a fool then but it won't ever happen again in our household. We brought the computers out into the open but it took me a few more years after that to finally wake up to the fact that we needed to have an online filter. And yes, we need to teach and guard our children and it must be done diligently. An online filter is like a lock on the front door of your house: it keeps the bad guys out and your family stays relatively safe.



         Bro Steve Smith


  6.      I am going to say something that may not be popular but it needs to be said. I used to give all kinds of excuses for not having an online filter. About 7 years ago I finally saw how stupid I was. As far as I am concerned if you don't use an online filter then you are inviting the devil and all his satanic forces into your home. I will even go so far as to say that you are a fool. If a certain website gets blocked, so what! There are always workarounds. No filter is perfect but it is better than nothing!


         Bro Steve Smith


  7. I tried a couple of different filters some time back and was not happy with them.  I visit a lot of different news and blog sites where certain words that I don't approve of or may reference things or other sites I don't approve of.  The trouble with the filters is that if something is on the site or referenced on the site I want to go to, such as WND or VoxPopoli the filter will block the site so I just don't use filters.  No children in my house though.


    God bless,



         Give K9 Web Protection a try. Even us well seasoned adults need protection from the filth of this world.



         Bro Steve Smith


  8. It seems almost anything can lead to porn online. The other day I was doing a search for information on a doctor. I put the doctors name in (an Indian name) and one brief blip popped up about her while a whole host of filth showed up.


    Without even looking for such, there it is.


    This is among the reasons I've never allowed my children to have unrestricted access to a computer, nor do they have smart phones.


         An online filter would solve most of your prOBlems with porn. We used Covenant Eyes for many years but Covenant Eyes has 2 major flaws: it won't filter https (secure) sites and it won't block Google Images (which is filled with porn). A few months ago we switched to K9 Web Protection and it works great. Best of all, it is free for personal use!


         I would like to also add this to my reply:


         I don't believe that children should ever be allowed to access the internet without strict parental control and without an online filter. I also believe that we as adults not only need an online filter but we also need online accountability.

  9. My answer comes from the title of this site:


    Online Baptist

    An Independent Baptist Community Since 2002!


    It is stated to be "an independent Baptist community" so my question would be, why has it not remained an independent Baptist community?


    I just checked my profile. I have been a member of Online Baptist since March 2004 (10 years). In those 10 years I have only posted 444 times. Don't ask me why. I don't know.

     Finished your book. Once again, thanks. I really liked the use of sooooooo much Bible. When you have God's Word on the matter, it is had to argue. I gave it to my wife to read, but she is struggling with it. She LOVES her CCM and she feels those against it is be "nit-picky". So it is not the books prOBlem with her struggling to read it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it...she don't want to believe her belief is broke.


         I appreciate the review. Sorry to here about your wife's struggles with CCM. We will pray that she gains the victory. I have been told privately by a friend of mine that I should watch my back over some of the things that I said in the book. It seems that I upset a few people because I named specific churches, specific people, and specific incidents. One of those churches is in the town that we live in and it seems that I caused quite a stir in that church. Oh well. That's life.



         Bro Steve Smith


  11. I am on page 50.  I am upset I have to put it down and get to work.  I would like to read more now, but will have to wait until tomorrow.  I am enjoying it.  Very informational.  I actually felt a little weird reading page 40 to 50, but you stated your reasoning for putting it in there and I think the details were needed to make your point.  I think it was because you named names and then went into great detail...i felt like I was seeing someone naked...anyway, I look forward to finishing it.  Thanks for making it available. 


         You are quite welcome. I appreciate your comments.


    May God bless your book to open the blinded eyes of those whom have falling into this deception before Satan destroy's the church from within.  


     (Reviewing your book)


         I am sorry to hear about what you went through. Thank you for your kind words.

  13. Dear Online Baptist family,


         I was wondering if there would be anyone that would be willing to do a book review for me?


         My book, The Day the Music Died, is available in PDF format free of charge (no kidding).


         The link is: www.pioneerbaptist.org/booklet/music.pdf


         I wrote this book about 3 1/2 years ago and have recently reformatted and expanded it. Some of you have already downloaded it from the Music forum. It is available to anyone who would like a copy. Bound printed copies are available for $15.00 each (with free shipping in the United States - no international orders please, sorry).


         Once you have read the book I would be very interested in hearing your feedback. You may send the PDF file to anyone that you think will read it. Thank you for your interest in this material.



    Bro Steve Smith


  14.      Returning to the original question that is the topic of this discussion: Can God use a man that drinks wine? To answer the question without skirting the issue at hand, my reply would be: no, he is not fit for the master's use.


         2 Timothy 2:21 - "If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work."

  15.      Returning to the original question that is the topic of this discussion: Can God use a man that drinks wine? To answer the question without skirting the issue at hand, my reply would be: no, he is not fit for the master's use.


         2 Timothy 2:21 - "If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work."

  16. So what does this mean for the printed copies?


         The printed copies will be made from the updated PDF file. I am self-publishing this book using the comb binding method. The books will be printed as needed, so you will receive a copy of the final draft. I am using a Canon laser printer (model D320) to do the printing. The front cover picture will be printed using gray scale rather than color. It may not be professional but it is high quality printing and binding.



    Steve Smith


  17. Dear Friends,


         I have completed the final proofreading of my book. The final draft is now available for downloading: http://www.pioneerbaptist.org/booklet/music.pdf


         I apologize for the wait and jumping the gun. I should have waited until the proofreading was done before I posted this download. I apologize once again for not making sure that everything is as it should be before making this publicly available.



    Bro Steve Smith


  18.      I wanted to make note that I have uploaded another corrected copy of my book. I have been re-reading it just to be sure everything is ok. I have added a few minor things here and there (they don't change the substance, only strengthen it). If you have already downloaded a copy then feel free to download it again. Just to let you know, I should be done with the final proofreading in a couple of days (that's my plan). I know, I should have thoroughly proofread it before I uploaded it, but oh well. I can't think of everything.


         Here is the link again: http://www.pioneerbaptist.org/booklet/music.pdf



    Bro Steve Smith



  19. Please note: I made a minor change to one paragraph in the book. The grammatical construction could have given someone a false impression. I have updated the PDF file, so please download again for the corrected copy.


    As for the question, how I came up with the title? Yes, it is a takeoff of "American Pie" but only in the illustrative sense. I make note of it in the Foreword of the book.



    Bro Steve Smith

  20.      It has been over 3 years since I originally wrote "The Day the Music Died". I have recently reformatted the book and added more material to it. I am offering it to everyone as a free download. It is in PDF format. If you would like a printed copy then please email me (the cost is $15.00).


         Link to free book: http://www.pioneerbaptist.org/booklet/music.pdf



    Bro Steve Smith

  21. I have had wine, now this is your chance to attack me. Or you can say that God could never use me, for doing this. I am out of popcorn. But I have told you the truth. :)



    Let's say you have invited me to your daughter Wedding, and you placed the glass of wine to celebrate this special day with you. I would drink the wine with you, dance and bring my love offering to them.



         Here is my analysis and reply:


         #1 - Your original post is pompous and arrogant.


         #2 - We don't drink nor do we dance nor do we tempt others to drink or dance.


         #3 - Knowing that you do drink and you do dance, we would not invite you to our daughter's wedding.


         #4 - It would be better if you pursued personal holiness in your life rather than being so obnoxious.

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