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  1. The OP quoted extensively from "Tomorrow's World" website, speaking positively of their Bible study course and (as far as I could tell) no one had warned this person that "Tomorrow's World" is the outreach "ministry" of a cult that used to be called the Worldwide Church of God (Herbert W Armstrong) and is now known as the Living Church of God. Your "warning" stated This didn't sound like much of a warning to me. So, I felt the need to sound the alarm.
  2. It has been several years since I last posted or commented on these discussion boards. I find it necessary to comment on this discussion because I am troubled by the lack of warning about those who promote false doctrine. The OP (Totoosart) ask about a Bible study course from "Tomorrow's World" and (as far as I can tell) no one warned this person that "Tomorrow's World" is the outreach "ministry" of a cult that used to be called the Worldwide Church of God (Herbert W Armstrong) and is now known as the Living Church of God. It only took me a few moments to discover the truth about "Tomorrow's World." What is your excuse for not exposing error and false doctrine? https://www.tomorrowsworld.org/connect/about https://www.lcg.org/about-us https://www.lcg.org/official-statement-fundamental-beliefs
  3. These are courses for Sunday Schools, Bible institutes, and Home Bible studies. Each of these courses is a pdf file on a CD that has unlimited printing privileges (yes, the copyright holder permits this). These are not copies of CDs. The publisher is Bible Baptist Church Publications in Oak Harbor, Washington. ABC's of Christian Growth - $ 73.50 ABC's of Christian Growth - Answer Key - $ 35.00 ABC's of Christian Maturity (2 volumes) - $ 150.00 ABC's of Christian Maturity - Answer Key (2 volumes) - $ 50.00 Premarital Preparation Course - $ 36.00 Commentary - The Book of Acts - $ 95.00 Landmarks of Baptist Doctrine (4 volumes) - $ 216.00 Landmarks of Church History (2 volumes) - $ 175.00 Lectures in Pastoral Theology - $ 125.00 Lectures in the Life of Christ - $ 75.00 Lectures in the New Testament Epistles - $ 135.00 Manuscript Evidence for our English Bible - $ 155.00 Principles of Personal Evangelism - $ 75.00 The Life and Labors of the Apostle Paul - $ 125.00 Women in Ministry - $ 120.00 Procedures Manual (for starting a Bible institute) - $ 30.00 These are the original prices that I paid for this curriculum. My total cost was $1,670.50. I am willing to sell all of it for one price of $1,350.00 (postage paid). I am also willing to sell individual courses at 15% off the price that I paid (postage paid). Please send an email to brosmith@pioneerbaptist.org if interested.
  4. I am hereby withdrawing from Online Baptist. I will not participate on a forum that allows members (such as kindofblue1977) to promote ungodly and wicked lifestyles. Yes, that is exactly what this member is doing. In the name of tolerance and love, he or she (I am not sure if this member is a man or woman) is promoting homosexualty and lesbianism. I have asked the moderator to delete this thread and have also asked him/her to ban kindofblue1977. Neither one has happened, so (with a heavy heart) I am hereby withdrawing my membership from this board. Sincerely, Bro Steve Smith brosmith@pioneerbaptist.org
  5. I find the original post to be vile, wicked, and disgusting. I have reported it to the moderators and I hope it will be deleted.
  6. I agree. Years ago I made the mistake of allowing one of our older sons to have a computer in his room with internet access without an online filter. As a result, he became addicted to pornography. I take full responsibility. I was a fool then but it won't ever happen again in our household. We brought the computers out into the open but it took me a few more years after that to finally wake up to the fact that we needed to have an online filter. And yes, we need to teach and guard our children and it must be done diligently. An online filter is like a lock on the front door of your house: it keeps the bad guys out and your family stays relatively safe. Sincerely, Bro Steve Smith brosmith@pioneerbaptist.org
  7. I am going to say something that may not be popular but it needs to be said. I used to give all kinds of excuses for not having an online filter. About 7 years ago I finally saw how stupid I was. As far as I am concerned if you don't use an online filter then you are inviting the devil and all his satanic forces into your home. I will even go so far as to say that you are a fool. If a certain website gets blocked, so what! There are always workarounds. No filter is perfect but it is better than nothing! Bro Steve Smith brosmith@pioneerbaptist.org
  8. I am using K9 Web Protection right at this very moment. OBviously onlinebaptist.com is not blocked.
  9. Give K9 Web Protection a try. Even us well seasoned adults need protection from the filth of this world. Sincerely, Bro Steve Smith brosmith@pioneerbaptist.org
  10. An online filter would solve most of your prOBlems with porn. We used Covenant Eyes for many years but Covenant Eyes has 2 major flaws: it won't filter https (secure) sites and it won't block Google Images (which is filled with porn). A few months ago we switched to K9 Web Protection and it works great. Best of all, it is free for personal use! I would like to also add this to my reply: I don't believe that children should ever be allowed to access the internet without strict parental control and without an online filter. I also believe that we as adults not only need an online filter but we also need online accountability.
  11. My answer comes from the title of this site: Online Baptist An Independent Baptist Community Since 2002! It is stated to be "an independent Baptist community" so my question would be, why has it not remained an independent Baptist community? I just checked my profile. I have been a member of Online Baptist since March 2004 (10 years). In those 10 years I have only posted 444 times. Don't ask me why. I don't know.
  12. I appreciate the review. Sorry to here about your wife's struggles with CCM. We will pray that she gains the victory. I have been told privately by a friend of mine that I should watch my back over some of the things that I said in the book. It seems that I upset a few people because I named specific churches, specific people, and specific incidents. One of those churches is in the town that we live in and it seems that I caused quite a stir in that church. Oh well. That's life. Sincerely, Bro Steve Smith brosmith@pioneerbaptist.org
  13. You are quite welcome. I appreciate your comments.
  14. I am sorry to hear about what you went through. Thank you for your kind words.
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