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  1. That is so true. I am close friends to a family at church, who have the best behaved kids at church (in my opinion, which is slightly baised). However the kids are disciplined and supervised and taught to the point where they don't have much opportunity to be bad. If they disobey me or are disrespectful in front of me and mom's not around, she wants me to let her know asap. Other kids at church whose parents are not as proactive in disciplining and supervising (and believe, it shows) are nowhere near as good. Now granted, some kids personalities make them seem better than others, but you can definitely tell who's disciplined and supervised to the point of not having a chance to be bad. Ramba29
  2. My Hope is Still Alive!!!!! :-D :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  3. King of Kings Words adapted from Psalm 136 Music by John B. Herbert - the refrain echos the Hallelujah Chorus
  4. ramba29


    I'm getting into quilting. Right now I'm working on a Women of the Bible Devotional that another lady used to create a quilt. We study 52 different women of the Bible and will have a 6" quilt block to make (or not make, depending on your quilting abilities and time) that goes along with that women. For instance, Eve's block was block called Garden of Eden. I've also got patterns to make a quilt called Sampler of Psalms. I just need to find time to start it. It will go on my bed eventually. Ramba29

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