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  1. Luke 2:33 33 And Joseph and his mother marvelled at those things which were spoken of him why is him lower case
  2. Considering a move. Want to find a good church and school before I consider a relocation
  3. Scripture truth is where I have bought my last few Thompson Chain bibles
  4. I understand. It's not something that I would have done early on, but I don't see a scriptural reason not to so I would do it now
  5. Are you open to a woman leading the congregational singing. We were in a similar church and the pastors wife led music until someone could be trained
  6. Though I have no issue with a church having a midweek or Sunday night service. The number of times a church meets is up to the church. The early church met daily, not just on Sunday. However, there is no mandate in scripture other than Sunday. With that said, we are definitely in a time where the church is dying, pastors treat the ministry as a job and the people want to be entertained. There are over 80 Independent Baptist churches in a 30 minute radius of my home and none are worth attending. I lived an hour away previously and there were over 100 churches and I only found 1 that pre
  7. Since clothes are dependent on culture. so to an extent is modesty. With that said. we are living in a very immodest world
  8. These numbers were exactly right in the two churches that I pastored. I spoke with individuals who only came on Sunday (morning and night). Interesting responses. One person said that they didn't come on Wednesday because there was no Biblical mandate to go to church midweek. They understood the importance of the Lord's day Biblically.
  9. Absolutely not. Only if they take the mark of the beast at the midpoint of the Tribulation will God send the strong dilusion
  10. The part that you can't be saved after the rapture if you rejected salvation prior to the rapture.
  11. Jerry, Your position is based on a false interpretation of 2 Thessalonians. The passage is clearly dealing with the midpoint of the Tribulation and those who have taken the mark of the beast. Those who take the mark. God will send a strong delusion and they will not be able to be saved. Unfortunately many want to scare people into getting saved.
  12. I would agree there is very little out there. The Bill Rice Ranch has some material for ladies that is really good, though I doubt there is a video.
  13. We had a library at the 2nd church I pastored. We didn't keep track of who took what. It was completely on the honor system. I scoured thrift stores and found many conservative books for $1/book. We had a budgeted line item for books, but rarely used it all. I got an entire series of John R. Rice's books for $10.
  14. I believe in the Biblical definition of Preservation. God has preserved his word from generation to generation. Currently, the KJV is the only translation that follows the doctrine of preservation and therefore is the best translation for English Speaking individuals. When I hold my KJV, I can clearly say that I am holding the Preserved Word of God. Now with that said, I believe that one day we may see a modern translation that follows the same process that the translators in 1611 did and we could hold that up and also say it is the Preserved Word of God. I reject the modern translation b
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