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  1. Pastorj

    How to sharpen an axe

    I agree with Pastor Markle that the direct interpretation of the passage has nothing to do with arguing Scripture. This is an area that I have heard many preachers use this passage to explain exactly what Donald is saying in his OP. I can't tell you how many times I have heard from the pulpit that "Iron sharpeneth Iron" when two people disagree doctrinally.
  2. Pastorj

    Let God be True and Every Man a Liar

    Jim, I was probably a little too strong. I do care about the opinions of people. What I have witnessed on this site and in my life is people don't know what the Bible says. They only know what their pastor or some other man says. When you ask for Scripture, they can't give it. I was like that for many years. In college, I had a Bible Doctrines professor who forced us to write our own Doctrinal statements. It was at that time, I started to realize that I was trusting in my Pastor, not on Scripture.
  3. Pastorj

    Let God be True and Every Man a Liar

    Not quite sure what you are saying, so you may want to clarify. I, however, never said anything about using commentaries or other aides in studying Scripture. However, I am disturbed by the amount of people who put their trust in those individuals. I have an exhaustive library that I use to get others opinions when studying. However, whenever I speak on an issue or about an issue I don't care what Spurgeon, Hyles, David Cloud, or any other man thinks. I don't even care what I want the Bible to say. The question is "What does the Word of God say"
  4. I may offend someone on this, but I see and hear way too many Christians make the following statements My Pastor said "...." Keil & Delitch say "..." Matthew Henry says "..." David Cloud says "..." Hyles Anderson says "..." Who cares what men say. What did God say. Bro. Matt's father is a man that I look up to and respect greatly. I have never said "Dan Souza said "...". However, it seems many Christians today have no clue what their Bible says and rely on what a man says.
  5. Hate to tell you that the transgender movement had no impact on women wearing pants. That started in the 40's our of necessity when women went to work in factories. Which is when pants on women became acceptable. By the 60's and 70's it was normal. Now in 2018, women wearing dresses has become the abnormal. And that is only in the US, which we do not base Bible doctrine on a country either. If you look in Europe and other countries, the culture changed years ago, unless you are basing it on a sign. Go sit in a mall and you will see the change in culture. If God wanted to declare pants an abomination, he would have made it clear. Instead he used a principle of distinction between the sexes. In the New Testament, God makes it about modesty. Hence Christians should look distinctly their sex and be modest. It's also one of the biggest problems in Christianity. Immodesty has overwhelmed our churches and a lot of the time, the woman is in a dress.
  6. As stated before - I doubt anyone here will change their position on this so I will bow out after this comment. A bathroom sign does not determine culture, especially when those symbols were created over 100 years ago. If you sit in the mall and simply look at people, what do you see. Can you clearly distinguish between a man and woman that are walking towards you. If the answer is yes, then the woman is wearing clothes that pertain to a woman and the man is wearing clothes that pertain to a man. Let's stop basing our Biblical positions on signs. This passage is teaching a principle that can be used for thousands of years, not just the 21st century.
  7. This is a typical outfit for men and women in Bible times. The man is wicked because he is wearing women's clothing? No, there is a distinct difference between the man and women.
  8. This is a great topic, but my experience is people have made up their minds on this.
  9. I understand and agree. This is an area that is lacking in all of Christianity.
  10. Pastorj

    Homeschool Education

    We start in Mid-August and don't finish until late April. We give our daughter 2-3 days at Thanksgiving and then 2 weeks at Christmas. Unless you are planning on doing school on Saturday's and Sunday's you cannot get a full school year in from Labor Day to March. Mornings are definitely doable. We start at 830a and are typically done between noon and 1p. If you start at 7a, you can definitely be done by noon. Now, Your parameters will definitely work if you don't care about the quality of your kids education. Homeschooling is "School" at home. That means you must educate your children and that takes time.
  11. I agree completely with you. I grew up in the IFB and am still part of it. I am shocked at what can be said from the pulpit and everyone say Amen, when they should be saying "Heresy". I used to hold to this position and my wife and daughter wore nothing but dresses, culottes, skirts, etc until I was challenged to study it out and realized it was based on misuse of the Word of God. I applaud you for your study and challenge others to do the same.
  12. He said discipling, not disciplining :)
  13. Pastorj

    "I Knew You Were a Baptist!"

    I have sat on ordination councils where the preacher couldn't defend that Jesus is God and the ordination council approved him to move forward. Our colleges are not preparing young men for the ministry. We are most definitely in the Laodicean time.
  14. The struggle for a lot of people is how culture changes in their own lifetime. What pertained to a man in the 1940's is totally different than 2018. Someone said on this thread that the key is that from 50 feet away, can you tell that they are a woman or a man. I think that is really the key.
  15. I absolutely agree. I believe that the passage is clear that Men should not wear that which pertaineth to a women. The problem is the passage was written to Jewish people around 2000BC. 4000 years later culture has changed and what pertains to a man and a woman is different. This is why God wrote it this way. So that the principle would remain even though culture changes.