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  1. The ends do not justify the means. Find another way to lead them to Christ, but participating in the Devils holiday is wrong for churches and all Christians
  2. Halloween is an evil day and no Christian should participate in anyway. I am shocked at how many "good Churches" do Trunk or Treat. If you look at every aspect of this day, there is nothing holy about it.
  3. He was absolutely uncomfortable. The point of the verse is the timeline, not the experience
  4. Jesus said, "Into thy hands I commit my Spirit". Pretty clear, Jesus went to heaven after he died. I don't believe that Old Testament saints were in hell waiting for Jesus, even if you believe paradise was the non-burning side of hell. Paradise is heaven and Jesus went there after his death
  5. I have for many years wondered if the phrase IFB actually represented any of us. I have visited 85 IFB churches in my area and none of them represent what Scripture teaches. I am distinctly a believer in being an Independent Baptist, but I would not put it on a sign or in any advertising. The phrase has so much negativity and inhibits the work of God.
  6. If you are tithing on gross, then you have already tithed on any income tax return you get, unless you are getting more from the IRS than you gave, which is possible
  7. I know, but moving to ct puts me too close to family
  8. Luke 2:33 33 And Joseph and his mother marvelled at those things which were spoken of him why is him lower case
  9. Considering a move. Want to find a good church and school before I consider a relocation
  10. Scripture truth is where I have bought my last few Thompson Chain bibles
  11. I understand. It's not something that I would have done early on, but I don't see a scriptural reason not to so I would do it now
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