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  1. Not at all. This board was founded by like minded IFB people. There was no place on this board for heretics. Threads were locked and people were banned. That has been the process historically.
  2. It's impossible to argue with heretics Administrators, It's time to remove these heretics.
  3. The IRS allows clergy to declare any amount of their salary as a housing allowance as long as they spend that amount and it was declared in the church business meeting or notes. This saves the pastor thousands of dollars and in Many churches allows the pastor to be full-time, rather than having to work. You have to look at the full compensation package to understand what a member of the clergy is being paid
  4. Allowing heresy in this board was never an option in the past. It's one thing to disagree on a topic. It's completely different on doctrine. Double inspiration has been infiltrating our churches and is a very dangerous heretical teaching.
  5. Bro. Tony I agree completely. I haven't been here in a while, but it sure seems like the Ruckmanites have come in full force to push their heresy. Time for administrators to get rid of false teachers, which was the practice when I was an administrator
  6. Ruckman is a heretic and his followers should not be on this site. They follow a heretical teaching on the foundation of our beliefs, the preservation of the Word of God.
  7. I would say it is very common all over based on where the Pastor went to college The difference is that the IRS has specific rules for clergy. A Pastor doesn't have to pay any taxes on anything part of a housing allowance, which covers a lot
  8. This is very common in Baptist churches unfortunately. There is the idea that the Pastor is God's man and therefore makes all the decisions because sheep are so dumb that they can't remember to drink water if you don't take them everyday. Unfortunately I have seen this far more often than I would like. The correct way is for the Pastor to present his vision, let the people pray about it and then move forward. Votes are needed for certain things due to legal requirements
  9. The translators of the KJV were not inspired. God did not Breathe out the words of the KJV. God inspired the original penman and then preserved his Word. This is critical to understand because the KJV is preserved and can be traced back from Generation to generation which is why I can hold up my KJV and call it inspired. It is also why I could embrace a modern translation if it followed the same process as the KJV. It is also why I can hold up French, Spanish and other translations and call them inspired There are false teachers like Peter Ruckman who taught and pushed a double inspiration where God inspired the KJV.
  10. Absolutely disagree. Inspiration means "God Breathed". God did not breathe out the KJV. He inspired the original penmen and He the preserved His Word for us from Generation to generation. Currently, the KJV is our preserved Word of God
  11. This thread shows exactly what I was referring to earlier. The KJV is beloved. I understand the accuracy of "Thee" and "Thou". When one talks today, do you use Thee and Thou? I highly doubt it. However, you are still able to convey the accuracy of what you are speaking of. Thee and Thou is far simpler to use, but there are ways to convey it. This is also why you can't "Update" the KJV, which is what the Modern KJV, 21st Century KJV, NKJV and a number of other updates did. Notice, I called them updates. A translation cannot come from a translation. A modern translation would require people who are qualified to translate from the original languages into modern English.
  12. That translation though should not be from the KJV. It should be from the original languages. The KJV is a translation. When you translate, you never translate from a translation.
  13. True - There are a number of organizations that are doing these translations. My point is that We have no issue translating from the Greek and Hebrew to a language that does not have a Bible, but we are not willing to translate it from the original languages into a modern English. The KJV is awesome, but people today do not speak in the Kings English and the language of the KJV is not the language of America. I see no issue with translating from the original to English. With that said, it won't happen because of the previously stated reasons.
  14. I don't disagree with you, but it is not dealing with Biblical preferences that are based on principles found in Scripture that good men disagree on. I believe we are saying the same thing.
  15. Thanks. Unfortunately, that would not be the proper way to translate to the other language. You would want someone who is a linguist to translate from the original Greek/Hebrew to get the most accurate translation. A lot is lost when you translate from one language to another and it is always best to go back to the original language.
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