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  1. Mornin' All. Trust you will have a good day.
  2. We will be having New Years Eve services, but will not stay til midnight. Ours will be from 7-10PM. We had our Christmas Service today instead of last week, and we had a wonderful program. The Choir sang beautifully. We have a 19yr old young man who sang a solo (accapelo SP?) of O Holy Night. Truly, it was the most beautiful rendition I had ever heard.
  3. Hi everyone. Trust you all had a wonderful Christmas.
  4. Good mornin' all. Trust you all have a wonderful day iin the Lord.
  5. Hi everyone- glad to see this is still open.
  6. Hi everyone. Can't believe this is still going.
  7. I am not much of a winter person, not crazy about cold weather. i can hardly wait til spring.
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