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  1. So your support for a Wednesday crucifixion is that you agree with your belief that the crucifixion took place on Wednesday.
  2. Ukulelemike, re: "Well, what day is just prior to 'the first day of the week'?" So by "it" you're referring to the seventh day of the week. OK, thanks. BTW, what is your support for saying that the crucifixion took place on Wednesday?
  3. Ukulelemike, OK, so you explain the discrepancy by saying that the men made a mistake with their remark. Fair enough. re: "He could have resurrected just prior to the first day of the week, which would have made it the third day since He died..." To what day of the week is "it" referring?
  4. Bouncing Bill, Why did you quote my question to John Young and then comment on his comment regarding Passover?
  5. How do you reconcile that with Luke 24:21?
  6. robycop3, re: "There's simply no way to get three days & three nights from Friday to Sunday AM..." A couple of ways have been suggested that the "heart of the earth" is not referring to the tomb so that the arrest in the garden or the 3 hours of darkness in the afternoon could account for one of the three nights.
  7. Bouncing Bill, re: "No, no thoughts other than the NT writers never thought about it..." It just seems odd that something considered so important to Christian practice as the observance of the first day of the week in honor of the resurrection is ignored during the 50 plus years of New Testament writings.
  8. Bouncing Bill, re: " But we celebrate Christ on the day he rose." If you're referring to the 1st day of the week, any thoughts on why scripture is silent with regard to anyone doing that?
  9. Daughter: "I've just changed my major to philosophy." Father: "That's great because they just opened that new philosophy factory in town."
  10. Pastor Scott Markle, re: "The Day of Pentecost was the first day of the week." Which is an annual festival. I assumed SureWord was referring to weekly observances.
  11. What's the best size diameter for the holes?
  12. Lum - Where is the first cigarette mentioned in the Bible? Abner - I don't know. Lum - In Genesis where it says that Rebekah lit off a camel.
  13. SureWord, re: "So to answer your question about an author who wrote about these things his name would be Paul of Tarsus." I don't see where Paul uses the idea of a first day of the week resurrection to justify a change of observance from the seventh day of the week to the first say of the week, nor uses Mark 16:9 to support a first day of the week resurrection. re: "The early believers met together on the first day of the week to commemorate the resurrection of our Lord..." As I wrote previously, as far as scripture is concerned, there are only two times mentioned wi
  14. Since it's been a while, perhaps someone new looking in may know of an author.
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