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  1. I was a milquetoast Methodist and my wife was a lukewarm Lutheran. We were saved in a GARB Church when I was in the USAF.
  2. Yo, Podner Luke! Always good to see anudder cowpoke online!!! At our church if you are Filipina, Indian or African late is just a part of yer thang. I suspect the only thing they will be on time fer is there funeral.
  3. I really love my chrurch though I moved 15 miles further away from it a couple of years ago. If I weren't the Associate Pastor I don't know if I would switch unless gas gets to $5 or something. Even then I think it would be tough to find one as good as this no matter how far I drove.
  4. I love it!!!! :mrgreen:
  5. pneu-engine. I have been "hit" on more since I became old, fat and ugly than when I was young, skinny and ugly. One preacher put it, "I maybe old, fat and ugly but to some woman out there I am a knight in shining armor." When you least expect it someone will say or do things that will warp your head no matter what "shape" you are in. One of the sayings back in the '60's but I still hear is "8-80, blind crippled or crazy it's all the same." That is very sad but true. We hear about child molesters but there are folks that have a fetish for fat folks, one legged or one armed wmen
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