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  1. This book will scare the fire out of you and then make you shout for joy!!! http://www.joelrosenberg.com/epicenter2.asp Don't worry about Social Security as we may not be around to need it!
  2. Prepare. Defend. Assist. The Texas Civil Defense is a volunteer organization comprised of former military personnel and civilians willing to serve their individual communities. Our members include teachers, police officers, truck drivers, self-employed individuals, medical personnel, retirees, and individuals employed in various aspects of the business world. Because we are a volunteer organization, we spend much of our own money to provide supplemental information for our training programs and to advertise our services. http://www.orgsites.com/tx/tcd/index.html If you don't live in t
  3. An Inconvenient Truth: Global Pew Warming David Raynaud By the year 2020*, if the Lord tarries, the church as we know it we will be in massive trouble. There will be very few churches that escape the reach of this dilemma. Almost every church in every part of the world will be affected. However, churches on the cutting edge in their ?ministry,? relevant in every way to the current societal norms, will be the most affected by this phenomenon. A flood that has long been predicted by those who monitor and track the climate change in the church is inevitable. Global Pew Warming will wreak its
  4. Well, I haven't yet heard from the first church but there was a lot of flooding in the area so the letter may not have been sent yet or it is still in the Post Office or at the bottom of a creek. BUT, Thursday I got a letter from another church in the area that is considering me and today I sent a resume to a church in Greenville thanks to a preacher friend. SO that is 3 contacts in two weeks which is more than I have had in a long time so we shall see where this all goes. The one in Greenville might be the best one in some respects but God knows the best one. Prayer is desired and needed!
  5. As of last week, I am able to retire from the Fed but my retirement is certainly not enough to jist sit on the veranda nor do I want to do so. However, this means that I am free to find a FT ministry of some sort. I have been most everything except lawyer or Indian chief in the secular world and I have gone from buck private to at least a SGT (Associate Pastor) in the church. I'd be thrilled with the little brown church in the vale iffened they'd call me as pastor or whatever else the Lord would allow me to do. He knows my needs. SOOOOO, if y'all would pray that this ole boy would be abl
  6. I have met an evangelist that would be great to have at your church. My full endorsement is on the site. http://www.orgsites.com/sc/rwem/index.html
  7. Five months ago a beagle mix wandered into our area. My wife first started to care for him and eventually we adopted him and named him Jack. I really didn't want another dog. So much for that. Anyway, he became ill suddenly like he had been poisoned or something. Karen took him to the Vet but when it came to the time when the Vet said we needed to put him down she left it up to me to get that down. I had no clue it would bother me so bad until I made that call. Now you see it has me up in the wee hours writing a poem and sharing the experience with you. I have a ten year old mini-dachshu
  8. Some of my wife's family and friends will be receiving testimony letters from a Pastor in their area either today or tomorrow to be followed up by a visit three weeks from now. My in-laws are tough nuts but pray that God will lead them to Christ. It took 25 years for my father-in-law to profess Christ and my mother-in-law was on her death bed. Some of these folks are not in good health either. Thank you!
  9. OK, I found out that it would be better to send any cards or offerings to Dr. Larry Parks PO Box 181203 Dallas, TX 75218. Thanks!
  10. They have looked into that and there is some respite but there will still be a bunch left. God will reward you for your desire and your prayers are always appreciated! May He help y'all financially as well!
  11. Those who have been on my mailing list for some time know that I have never asked for money for myself but from time to time I run into others who have needs and give you the opportunity to minister through giving. A preacher friend of mine has had double bypass and like many pastors had no medical insurance. We can debate the wisdom of that but it is a common thing especially among pastors of small or struggling churches. Anyway, I have nearly 1100 folks on my mailing list and I am posting this on a few forums that I frequent. If everyone sent at least a $1 it would be a help but of
  12. 6/27/2003 Where Momma Is Whenever I felt lost without a clue Or just down and very blue. I could always go Home where Momma was. When I needed wisdom beyond my years Or someone to dry my bitter tears I could always go Home where Momma was When I just needed a place to rest Where I knew that I would always be blest I could always go Home where Momma was. Now, Momma has been touched by death's cold hand And I am so grieved that I can barely stand At that familiar door to the Home where Momma was. Yet in my heart I can hear her voice Telling me that I should rejoice For
  13. I was a milquetoast Methodist and my wife was a lukewarm Lutheran. We were saved in a GARB Church when I was in the USAF.
  14. We are saved by beieving the Gospel. As long as that message is conveyed you can get saved out of a Catholic Bible. It is harder, but it can be done but after that you are in big trouble. I see it as the Lord catching the wicked in their own craftiness.
  15. Yo, Podner Luke! Always good to see anudder cowpoke online!!! At our church if you are Filipina, Indian or African late is just a part of yer thang. I suspect the only thing they will be on time fer is there funeral.
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