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  1. I was a milquetoast Methodist and my wife was a lukewarm Lutheran. We were saved in a GARB Church when I was in the USAF.
  2. I love it!!!! :mrgreen:
  3. pneu-engine. I have been "hit" on more since I became old, fat and ugly than when I was young, skinny and ugly. One preacher put it, "I maybe old, fat and ugly but to some woman out there I am a knight in shining armor." When you least expect it someone will say or do things that will warp your head no matter what "shape" you are in. One of the sayings back in the '60's but I still hear is "8-80, blind crippled or crazy it's all the same." That is very sad but true. We hear about child molesters but there are folks that have a fetish for fat folks, one legged or one armed wmen and people over 70. In fact, I read somewhere that the mumber of women prostitutes over the age of 65 is growing. I reckon fixed incomes create new pressures at that point plus at that age there is no fear of pregancy and if you get a terminal disease that will kill you in 10 years, so what you may not have that long anyway. Some of the biggest and plain spoken "hits" I have ever had gotten have been in nursing homes. With the advent of Viagra I can't even imagine what goes on and this is from the generation that never talked about sex openly and when even the word virgin could not be said on TV. Now that there aren't any virgins on TV imagine what the workers will have to endure when the hippie generation is in the nursing home aka commune!!!!!

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