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  1. The story about the Apostle John's letters to 7 churches is found in the Book of Revelation. You know a word, "postmodernism." To discuss about "Christian postmodern" churches is to decide whether they are or not. My question about "Christian postmodern" churches: Are they Laodicean churches?
  2. What interval of age is for children to go to Heaven without accepting Jesus as their personal Savior? I do not talk about infants or retarded children, nor baptizing the chldren. See my first post on Group 1. Jerry80871852 quoted Can they go to heaven if they do not accept Jesus as their personal Savior?
  3. I researched some details about children according to the Scriptures. I was little confused about 2 sides debating on children. The Question: Will ALL children go to Heaven? For example, 8 or 12 years old boy will go to Heaven after he dies. Group 1 Some people believe ALL children will go to Heaven after they die. No question about accepting Jesus as their personal Savior. Group 2 Some people believe ALL children start to understand about lies, stealing, fighting so these are sins. They need to accept Jesus as their pwersonal Savior. Both groups believe infants will go to Heaven. Please discuss on both groups so that will help me see what the Bible teaches. Thanks!
  4. I am curious to ask you question : Can we use the Messianic name today?
  5. Thank you for this link. I will check it later.
  6. Any comments? Support it or against it? More discussions? Please help me understand better.
  7. I want to research on the names of God because 2 groups contradicted each other in regard of using the names of God. I need your help because I need to explain more to someone about that. Do you know the names of God? Let me give you an example: Yahushua Iesous YHVH JHVH YHWH These groups argued over YHWH vs JHVH. Are you aware of RKJV? Did you see the names of God changed in it? If you think someone uses Yahushua against Jesus Christ, is it wrong or not? Also, if use Yahushua during preaching or teaching? I wonder why they use the Messianic name into teaching and preaching, instead of the name of Jesus? Is the use of the name Yahushua dangerous? I notice there is a Y, but what about J? What about the name Jehovah? Why does Hebrew not have J? It uses Y. I'm puzzled, and try to research, but I can't find J. I've heard J came up about 500 years ago, but I'm not sure if there is a J in another foreign language. I don't know. Can you give more information that I'm looking for? Thank you for your help.
  8. A new version is called RKJV (Restored KJV). I noticed that the names of God changed in it. What do you think of this version that changed the names of God to YHVH? Why use YHVH or YHWH? Should the Messianic names restore in it?
  9. If the KJV is inspired, are modern versions also inspired? Please explain your short comment.
  10. If the KJV is a faithful translation, preserved for us today, are modern versions also preserved for us today? If yes or no, please explain your reason why.
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