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  1. :lol: alrighty than God is good... when? ALL THE TIME!!!
  2. YES THE Lord is good ,,but hun.. where did that come from...
  3. nah..not really I'll take it ..you were being sarcastic!!!
  4. yup..... Last time this guy found out I hated blood he cut his finger and put it in front of me... I passed out... Seriously!!!
  5. :lol: I dont know how you can be a cosmetic surgen..Well I cant stand blood so that explains it...
  6. :lol: ..well okay your gonna have to get on Hwy 6 take it to West AirPort than turn left.. go all the way down you'll see a street called Cobbler Cr. go down till.. theres a street thats a one way turn We have a honda in the front! :lol: me too..wishful thinking.. You have a great ThanksGiving too!!!
  7. :lol: .. I think I can annoy your boss into getting you a vaca.. a permanent vaca!! :lol: .. Minutes pass::: Well I think I should tell you..I just got off the phone with your boss and he said to go ahead and come down ... stay as long as you want... So I guess Ill see you ina few hours..huh
  8. :( .. well... Ron well Ill be darn..you need a vaca...!!!! :D ( I dont know why they put that b4 weather forcasters) ..oh well.. Im gonna call your boss..and talk them into letting you come alrighty! :lol:
  9. :lol: Come on down!!! We have an extra tree and everything!!! :lol: It'll be in the lower 70s tommorow...but than again those darn weather casters do lie.... :o But its gettn cloudy and the winds blown over cold air!!! BRRR!! Its great weather for flyn!
  10. :lol: i will surely do soo!!! Im not sure the temp.. cuz it was sure warm and cozy in our house but When I went out side this morning there was ice in the bird bath!!! Brr.. Now the sun is out and its in the 50s..not bad..
  11. :lol: Alrighty!! Will I see you in Indiana?... I will say hi to the snow ..acctully right now in TX its sooo cold..but your guna laugh when I say this.. Its 46 degrees!! Its pretty cold compared to what Im used to!!! :)
  12. First Baptist SugarLand , In tx.. www.fbsl.org Its a great church... I will surely stop by if possible! Im heading twds Ohio NewYork New Jersey and that area.. I'll be close by there so most likely Ill check it out! :)
  13. ..Hey Ron!!!! Just thought Id say hey and during the summer if we drive through Connecticut we'll stop by! :D
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