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  1. wow thanks I didn't know it was a link. I also didn't know other perversions also said Elhannan.
  2. Hee hee David of course however in the NIV in 2 Sam somewhere it says Elhanan did. (spelling may be wrong cause i don't have my bible open ) however Elhanan was one of David's mighty men and he slew Goliath's brother.
  3. My mom's Dad died i restarant choking on piece of meat before hamlick manuver was know. Her mom died from diabetic stroke. They both were lucky. Their kids were not. Their oldest son got alzhiemers and his brain died long before his body caught up. My mom also got Alzhiemer she too had he brain die before her body did. Her older sister same fate. and now the last one the youngest sister is in early stages of it. If this is my fate I want a sign in my room in front of my bed that says " YOU are a sinner. Sinners are bound to Hell for those sins. The only salvation from Hell is Jesus Christ. Bow your head and pray to him and admit you are a sinner and to forgive your sins and accept him as your Savior today because chances are you are a different person now than you were yesterday.
  4. well as a kid we got discounted lunches in school in summer there was no school and lunch everyday was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Kool- Ade.
  5. My son has has a ball python for over two years. I didn't want a snake in my house but I'm not the head of my house and what I say or think don't count.
  6. What about Nook from Barnes and Nobles? I like my e- reader because I have 4 book shelves full of books and no room to add another book shelf. I like my e-reader because I can make print bigger eliminating me from having to wear my glasses. I take my e-reader to church to help a woman in her 90's to see the scriptures and she claims she can see it cause of the light in back of what she is reading. I like my e-reader cause I can have a library of books in my bag and i can still carry them with ease. I also like audio. Don't think I'll ever out grow being read to. That lady in church. I need to visit her at her house this week and read to her cause she asked for me to.
  7. Read this on my Nook Hard to put down was very informative. It's by John McTernan Another one i read on my Nook was Lucifer Dethroned byWilliam and Sharon Schnoebelen. Amazing deliverance by God from occultic beliefs and way of life. Miraculous!

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