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  1. Thanks for all the bday wishes. I think I changed about the same time online baptist changed? Hahaha :D
  2. Decided to make a cameo appearance on my birthday to say hi! lol. But I go away for a little while and everything looks different now? Haha. Hope everyone is doing well :)
  3. "Christian psychologist" is an oxymoron much like "Jumbo Shrimp" and "Military Intelligence." :goodpost:
  4. It's not the baking that is a sin. It's the eating...that's why God blessed me with diabetes! LOL :icon_smile:
  5. yes, i believe i was still around back then :)
  6. i only charge for house calls. lounge calls are free. lol
  7. hahaha. well, per special request from BroMatt I am making a lounge call (kinda like a house call, only better) to answer this post. Unfortunately, I haven't bought any solo books for trumpet recently and most of them were purchased for me by former pastors years ago. There are many good trumpet solo books around and hopefully they are not all out of print now, but you might want to do a search under trumpet solos from people like ROBert Nagel, David Clydesdale, and the best of Chuck Ohman. One of our church orchestra members actually played in the Clydesdale orchestra several years back and w
  8. EVEN BIGGER TIP: Try out for backup Quarterback because everyone loves the backup and all you have to do is look good holding a clipboard. Alternatively, long snapper is prOBably the next easiest position to play, but if you play in New England you need to be able to make a somewhat decent snow angel when your team scores the winning field goal!
  9. Saints this year, and hopefully the Pats next year!!!!
  10. k, i'm playing again, and i just won! LOL:clapping:
  11. ummm... what if you're a doctor that owns guns?
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