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  1. Thanks for all the bday wishes. I think I changed about the same time online baptist changed? Hahaha :D
  2. Decided to make a cameo appearance on my birthday to say hi! lol. But I go away for a little while and everything looks different now? Haha. Hope everyone is doing well :)
  3. "Christian psychologist" is an oxymoron much like "Jumbo Shrimp" and "Military Intelligence." :goodpost:
  4. It's not the baking that is a sin. It's the eating...that's why God blessed me with diabetes! LOL :icon_smile:
  5. yes, i believe i was still around back then :)
  6. k, i'm playing again, and i just won! LOL:clapping:
  7. this is the game that keeps on winning! :thumb:
  8. im doing good too now that i've won again!:thumb:

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