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  1. Jesus was crucified on the Jewish Day of Preparation, which is Friday. He was resurrected on Sunday morning. He could not have been in the grave three 24 hour days and nights. God Bless John
  2. I have watched Ruckman's chalk drawing on television. He has artist ability. But I do not agree with much of his doctrine. Old Testament saints were saved by faith also, look at Abraham. Galatians says the Lwa was out tuder to lead us to Christ.
  3. There has been too much topical preaching with illustrations.Illustrations have a place, but the Preacher is to proclaim the Word of God and teach the people the Word.
  4. I was a member of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis for four years back in the 1970's. He was a gifted preacher. I gained much knowledge under his ministry. His teaching on spiritual gifts is excellent. He held the same view Bill Gothard believed on the gifts. Here is a good verse for Old Testament Salvation. No one in the Old Testament could keep the letter of the Law as we cannot keep it. Rom 4:3 For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. I am not back again to argue, but to fellowship with believers. If I have offended you in the past, I ask your forgiveness. God Bless John:amen:
  5. Sanctification is in three tenses, Past we were sanctified when saved, 1Cor. 6:11. We are being sanctified, Heb. 2:11, 10:14 ANS WE SHALL be completely sanctified, 1Thess 5:23.
  6. The Greek word which is a present participle is ????????????, it is the same in the Textus Receptus and the critical text.
  7. It is Obvious, that you do not understand. This has nothing to do with dynamic inspiration but is what action the Greek tense in the original language is expressing in the original text. I do not believe in the mechanical dictation theory of inspiration, which some believe that even the writers did not know what they were writing until the wrote it. I believe that God allowed the writers to express themselves according to their culture and to choose words under the inspiration of the Holy spirit safe guarding the writers from error. This is correct I believe in plenary verbal inspiration of the Bible in the orginals. I believe the orginal words were inspired without error. This does not refer to the translation. I Yes, I believe thatthe Bible is a human and divine book. John
  8. Hebrews 10:4 is changed from "are sanctified" to "are being sanctified." I think you mean Hebtews 10:14, For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified. The phrase "are sanctified" is the present tense in the Greek which more clearly means "are being sanctified." It is linear or continuing action. It refers to the continuing process of santification. 1st Corinthians 1:18 is changed from "are saved" to "are being saved." The verb "are Saved" is again in the Present tense and means "are being saved. It refers to the process of Salvation or santification. God Bless John
  9. You may believe as you will. I do not want to stir up more trouble. Yes, I believe that inerrancy was in the orginal manuscripts, do not believe that copies of the manuscripts we have are perfect. As any one who has some knowledge of the manuscripts know. This is documented fact. There are even variations with the Textus Receptus which the KJV was translated from. So if the copies of the manuscripts we have are not perfect then how can the translation be perfect? They are not inerrant. But still God has preserved His word. There is such a high degree of accuracy in the copies we have that the translations are totally trustworthy. The variation in the manuscripts are minute most are minor scribal errors. Like mistaking a similar word for another. Yes their are some variations in the ending of Mark and other Scripture. But no change of truth. You will have to believe as you are led ofthe Lord. Sorry that I stirred up trouble, but I am not KJV Only. God Bless John
  10. Jerry I do not post on this website to stir up trouble. Maybe it has appeared that way. I have nothing against the KJV, I just don't agree with the KJV Only view, but you have a right to believe as you will. When I say nothing is wrong with the KJV I do not mean it is inerrant, but it is trustworthy. I do not believe that any translation is perfect. Every translation has minute weaknesses. I believe inerrancy was in the original writings. I believe that God has preserved His word thorugh the manuscript copies we have. I know you don't agree with my view point. I know that this is a KJV Only Website and you have a right to that view. If I have stirred up trouble I apologize. God Bless John
  11. Sorry I lost my sanctification or got mad, you have a perfect right to believe as you do, but because I hold a different view and do not agree does not mean I am a non-Christian or a heretic. There is nothing wrong with the KJV and I preach from it most of the time. Becasue my people .
  12. What false teaching are you talking about. Your comment has nothing to do with what I posted. Do you know what you are saying?
  13. to Calvary: I gave ample reason for the fact that their are more Byzantine manuscripts than Alexanderian, but in your KJV Only Circlular reasoning you cannot accept truth concerning this matter. What proof do you have that the early church rejected the Alexanderian text. You have no proof, simply KJV propaganda.
  14. Would you mind sharing with me the documentation for the early date of these translations.

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