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  1. I thought it was a very good movie. You can tell that the quality has gotten better by those who produced the movie. I recommend it to everyone!
  2. Bible college certainly is not a requirement. God's has a different plan for each person and it's your responsibility to walk with God and understand what His will is for your life. However, I think if a person is graduating high school and has no idea what God wants, then at least one year of Bible college is probably a great idea. To add to Seth's post, parents also make the mistake of sending their child to Bible college to "fix" them. These kids come into a Christian college with the wrong attitude and usually end up leaving college in worse shape than when they started.
  3. Maxmya, Does it not bother you to root for the devils("Blue Devils") team? :smile BTW, Wake Forest is a Baptist school and Duke is a Methodist school.
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