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  1. Thanks to the Duggar family, Christians are now officially the most despised group in America. We were already almost there, but now I think the world officially hates us. Even though I don't consider their brand of Christianity to be the same as mine, the world doesn't care. They lump everybody in together, and now they equate anti-gay with being a pervert. Great.
  2. I have been pretty sad to see all the businesses who have added a rainbow to their logo and friends who have added a rainbow to their Facebook profile. Even the White House added a rainbow. So much has changed since he 80s and I remember asking my Dad what AIDS was, and why it was in the news. Religious freedom has been restricted already but it will be gone soon. The dissenting justices even said as much.
  3. I will be surprised and dismayed if the Supreme Court is willing to change a definition that has been present since the beginning of time...namely, marriage being a man and a woman. If they do change the definition, many churches will be put out of commission because they will not be able to handle losing their tax exempt status. (Our church, for example, is NOT 501c3 but we are still tax exempt as a non-profit). If we lose that non-profit tax exempt status, we will not be able to afford the taxes we would own on our property and on our "income" (tithes and offerings). Of course we will have to just lose it and let God take care of us, in that case. He will have to provide the taxes...maybe we'll have to go fishing and look in fish mouths! haha. Anyway if it happens, it will be a very solemn day for everyone still for family values in America.
  4. I agree also with the second choice.
  5. The entire country is cranky and oversensitive, I think.....Christians definitely not excluded.
  6. I was looking at an article about the Amazon drones that were approved by the FAA..... and was thinking about prophecy and how there are really strange "beings" described in Revelation....like the ones that have the head of a man and wings of a grasshopper and whatever.... they sound like robotic beings or drones to me! I bet by then, the world will have the technology to fight entire wars via drone technology. I've believed for awhile that this was describing some sort of technology, but more and more I believe it for sure. Can you imagine John being given glimpses of the end times full of technology, and him trying to write down what he was seeing?! It must have seemed soooo unbelievable to him!
  7. My husband loves his iPad for preaching from.
  8. Worst thing I ever did was buy my kids iPods. It opened a door to my oldest son I wish he had never gone through. We got rid of those and after a bit of counseling, hopefully my oldest son is beginning to heal from some of it. It got my second son way to hooked on gaming. My third son was young enough not to be seriously affected by it. Just thoughts. Anyway for adults I LOVE Apple iPad, and Kindle Fire is, I think, pretty good too. I haven't had any experience at all with others, and only have seen the Kindle. If for kids, be sure to make sure the parents know all about parental controls, because I did NOT know about that with my kids' iPods. Parents should turn internet access completely off for any child with a tablet. We learned the hard way.
  9. The evidence and witnesses in Ferguson pretty clearly laid out self defense. I fully supported Officer Wilson. He was attacked. Period. The case in NYC I have not researched....it does not seem right, on first view...but somehow a Grand Jury felt it was okay. Terrible timing, that's for sure. What gets me is that shortly after the Ferguson shooting, a black cop shot a white man in Utah. The white man did not attack the cop or anything..he just refused to put his hands up, and then when he suddenly shot them up, the cop thought he had a gun, and shot him dead. (I saw the video, the cop was wearing a camera). But the man had been unarmed. But no media wants to touch that one with a ten foot pole. I'm tired of the inequality. I'm not racist. I have not done anything to anyone of another skin color. So I don't expect to be on the receiving end of a lot of racism lately. If the media wants to make a big deal about cop shootings, then they need to report ALLLL of them. Not just the white on black ones.
  10. I'm more worried about the brewing civil war at the moment.
  11. I was a teenager in an IFB church who taught mid-trib, and the pastor today has converted a few other pastors to the same viewpoint. Some of you would know at least one of them. We have to be careful how we interpret end-times passages. Some of them are written for the church age, but others are written for the saved people (mostly Jews) during the Tribulation.
  12. At least he's pointing out prOBlems in people who are OBviously prOBlems rather than nitpicking preachers. haha. Although I guess because I live up North, I know NOBODY who looks up to Dolly Parton. LOL. This must be for the Nashville churches!
  13. I didn't mean it like that.....of course the sooner the better.
  14. Basically it's the belief that Jesus paid for your sins, past/present/future, and that's it. Then after that you should kinda try to live for God, but that if you sin, you don't have to confess or be sorry because it's all automatically covered. So it teaches a more free lifestyle...basically neoevangelicalism, but it's sort of a middle stairstep towards it.
  15. It would definitely be the OBvious knee jerk reaction to being raised in a very, very strict fundamentalist church. I can sort of understand how that would happen. Actually the former pastor of the church where my kids attend school....it came out he had issues with a temper and with anger and basically treated his staff very badly. So again, likely the hyper grace idea was not helped by that type of attitude from the pastor.
  16. Seems to be one of those teachings that just sort of slips in gently to where it's not really talked about...mostly just skirted around but by actions, the doctrine is taught. I was glad to have the opportunity to discuss it with the kids and show them what the Bible truly has to say about it. He said the other teens had no real answers other than verses like John 3:16....so they believe all sin is paid for once you're saved, but that repentance only has to occur once. OBviously you remain saved, but we showed the kids how it affects your relationship with God, and can cause chastisement or even death if you continue to ignore God.
  17. Air purifiers can help too....get one (a nice large one, Amazon has decent prices) and then put it in your room and keep the door closed at all times. That way at least you can sleep okay.
  18. Anybody familiar with the hyper-grace movement? The church school my kids attend, it is IFB but some of the people there seem to be following this movement. I do not think the pastor does (well they just got a new pastor who seems straight, from a well known church you guys would recognize...the old pastor had issues and was made to step down) but the former youth pastor seemed to believe in the movement so therefore quite a few of the teens are sort of going that way. The former youth pastor now has a secular jOB and is not faithful to church. Sad. Anyway.... Last night my two older boys brought home a Bible assignment as to whether the idea of daily confession of sins was a doctrine or a preference. They were to write up their opinion with Bible backing it up. We had quite a bit of discussion on it together, which was good...and after we gathered quite a few proof verses (I John 1:9, the Lords Prayer, some verses in Psalms, etc) my boys were convinced that the hyper grace movement is not Biblical. Have you guys encountered this at all?
  19. That's a little weird. But yeah I think Fundamentalist is pretty much out now. It tends to make people think of abuse and hate. :-( I personally do not use it to describe myself anymore.
  20. My answer over there also applies here...whatsoever is not of faith is sin. If you don't have faith that saying "Christmas" is right, then you shouldn't say it. Those who feel they are honoring God by the word have the liberty to say it.
  21. Well, I'm not Jewish....so I don't celebrate their holidays. But if you are going to apply this passage to only Jews, then you have to remove it from the context of the church altogether, which means we can do what we like anyway. Using this passage, it says clearly that if we choose to celebrate a holiday, as long as we are celebrating it unto the Lord, it is our liberty to do so. To not take this verse at face value means you are adding to or removing from Scripture. I'm sure many here celebrate Valentine's Day, another "Catholic" holiday, by appreciating their spouse and thanking God for them. That is, again, personal liberty given to us by God. Of course, if it is against your conscience to celebrate these holidays, the Bible says you should not celebrate them, because whatever is not of faith is sin. But the Bible gives those of us who do have faith that we are honoring God in our celebrations the liberty and freedom to do so.
  22. I'm not sure I understand why we have to make a big deal about the word "fundamentalist"...meaning...do we have to use it openly? Meaning....the term was coined in the 70's, I believe, but our belief system went WAY farther back than that time period. If the meaning of the word "fundamentalist" is changing...should we change how we describe ourselves? Fundamentalist Mormons are known as mean and selfish polygamists. Fundamentalist Muslims are known as murderers. Fundamentalist Baptists are now known as Westboro. Would it be wrong to abandon the word "fundamental"? I know that we just say we are Independent Baptist and "old fashioned" and "KJV". That pretty much sums it up...doesn't it?
  23. Most of the deals this year were on video games and iPads. We aren't really doing a lot of electronics this year....we have cut way back on the kids video games, and they are no longer allowed to have iPods due to some trouble those caused in our kids spiritually. So this year most of the things I planned to buy did not really go on sale for Black Friday. I did buy a few things this past weekend, but I've been sort of doing the Amazon.com thing over the past few weeks as I have the money. There have been some great deals but nothing I really needed to get this year.
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