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  1. NOBody knows what the mark is. Everyone only has their own guesses.
  2. Many people thought the rapture was near during the world wars.....also during the Great Depression....and of course all the way during Nero's time it certainly must have felt like the end of the world. Of course Jesus very well may come tomorrow......but sometimes we in America think things are bad when things have been bad worldwide for centuries. My two biggest hints are how close we are to human microchip technology (mark of the beast) and the developments in Israel.
  3. Depends how the church is set up. If it's non-incorporated, then the pastor is considered the "owner".... then I suppose "legally" he could close the church, take the money, and start a new one elsewhere. It's been done, although it ruins people in the process, since this isn't a godly thing to do. However it's risky to have a church set up like this because the pastor is also liable for any debts or things that go wrong with the church, I think. However every church should have something in their bylaws or constitution to deal with this. If the church is incorporated, then the money belongs to the church (I think that's how it works) and the church decides what to do with any extra after all debts have been paid. I can't see that being an issue though, since most churches probably close because there IS no money. Which is why they close. Some of them merge, too, in which case the money would go in a pot with the merging church's money.
  4. I believe in fasting, but frankly don't have the character and discipline to do it. I end up being so hungry I can hardly pray, times when I have fasted in the past.....which is key.....it's not just fasting, but it's praying while fasting that counts. Fasting alone is just a crash diet.
  5. One thing my husband uses for some of our standards, since he is a pastor, is the idea of an above-board testimony....not causing others to stumble. For instance, I desperately want to take my kids to see "Despicable Me 2" in July when it comes out in the theater. However, my husband says no, because it is not a good testimony. Sure, maybe that's the only movie we would ever see at the theater, but then our church people may say "Well the preacher goes to the theater, so I can go too, and watch this R rated movie." Another thing we've discussed is that I think it's pretty when girls have two piercings in their ears, ONLY because if they wear a little diamond in the top one, and a small gold hoop in the second one, I feel it's very feminine. Again....it's a slippery slope and possibly a bad testimony. Is it wrong? No more wrong than having ONE hole. But does it tend towards the multiple piercings idea and thus a slippery slope? How many piercings is wrong? What part of the body is "wrong" to pierce? Well we all know that having about 25 piercings is rebellious and worldly, so my husband sets the line at a single ear piercing. Explanation? Testimony...being above board....being a Christian example. Which is a fine explanation, really, because we are to be "living sacrifices, holy, acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service. Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind...." The same reasoning for the mohawk. Is it Biblically wrong? Probably not, although if you look in the Old Testament...remember the time when Israel got into war or something, and then to shame this group of men (can't place the story at the moment)) they shaved off half their heads and half their beards, and sent them home that way. It was a horrible, despicable shame on these men. So partially shaved heads were not something they did back then. As far as today, the only examples of mohawks are Indians with spirit gods, or the punk rock generation. So therefore, your explanation could be that a funny haircut made the men in the Bible embarrassed...and then after that, the only people who wore that haircut were Indians or rock and roll guys....and therefore, even though it would be fun to wear one, it would be a poor testimony to your friends and family. One thing you could do for him is to, during a haircut, cut the mohawk, then take a picture of him, and then finish the haircut, and then let him have the picture in his room as something "fun". I actually cut a mohawk into one of my kids during a haircut like that just to be funny but they refused to even look in the mirror and begged me to cut it off. LOL. But of course I never planned NOT to cut it off.
  6. It is wonderful that you want to tell your son why you have the rules, OP! It bothers me sometimes when we Baptists have rules that we really cannot back up. There are a few standards my husband and I disagree on for that reason, but of course his rules are final. But they are difficult to explain to the kids. I would say that the Mohawk history would be a good explanation against it.
  7. I'm kind of glad my kids didn't have to experience chicken pox, but it remains to be seen what will happen when they are an adult. My kids are vaccinated, but I did refuse the new oral rotavirus one for my youngest, and I do not let them get flu shots. I also had them spread out shots a bit for my youngest. I also stopped one of my kids from finishing his shots due to an autoimmune urticaria he has. He got a blood titer and was found to be immune to everything except mumps, anyway, so eventually he will be required to have the mumps shot...but thankfully they aren't pushing that yet. I do think it should definitely be a parental choice. Although sometimes I feel like those who do not vaccinate are relying on the vaccines of the other children to keep their kids healthy....i.e., if nobody else gets measles, then your unvaccinated kid won't, either, even though it's because others were vaccinated. However, still, it's a parental choice, and a hot debate that is uncomfortable to have, usually.
  8. Just for argument's sake....the fact that you do not vaccinate your child/children would also be considered neglect by many....? So again, being the devil's advocate here....who get's to decide what is "neglect" and what is not? For instance, there is a well-known cult-based church in Philly that believes in faith-healing....probably the same church these folks are from, actually--and there have been several measles outbreaks down there, some children dying in those. So....some would say not getting the measles vaccine would be neglect....? So why would vaccinations be a choice, while a doctor sick visit should not be a choice? Again, just asking, for consistency's sake and for sake of discussion.
  9. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2013-05-22/news/sns-rt-us-usa-crime-babybre94l1as-20130522_1_catherine-schaible-first-century-gospel-church-north-philadelphia Looks like it was pneumonia/strep.
  10. http://www.phillyburbs.com/ap/state/pa/no-bail-for-pa-parents-in-faith-healing-death/article_7273ce06-1b1c-598a-94ff-334656fbb63f.html Okay, first read the link. Second, I have a list of questions for thought, because I'm not sure what I believe about this. I, myself, like my medical care, so I have no thoughts of believing like the family in the above link. However, here are my thoughts. 1. If medical care is a paid service, are we required to use it? 2. If medical cures were not available for sickness 100 years ago, does it make it murder if we do not use the "cures" today? 3. Is medical care a privilege, or a right? 4. If medical care is a privilege, why would we be required to use it? 5. If medical care is a right, then why do we have to spend so much money on it? That said, I can't imagine parents not taking their kid to the doctor. But...my question boils down to...is it criminal if they do not? Or just sad and stupid? Evidently our government says that it is criminal. Interesting thoughts, especially in light of abortion rights.
  11. I don't like stinky, dirty restaurants of any type. haha. I went into an Olive Garden once where I smelled body odor and my stomach turned. I'm sure I would hate to see what is done in the kitchen, but as long as I can't see it or smell it, at least I don't mind eating there as much! I don't care for diners much, either. Ironically, though, I love McDonalds. LOL!
  12. I had caribou for the first time when I went to see my brother in Alaska a couple Novembers ago. I cooked it in a stew....it was very tough meat, but after simmering in stew for six hours, it got nice and tender and tasted like beef. I find with several of the wild meats if you cook it, then slice and simmer in gravy or sauce, it tastes very nice.
  13. Venison is good if cooked right! Same with Caribou. Elk is yummy, Bison is yummy. I've had frog legs and rabbit and don't remember if I liked them. I don't like the idea of eating frog legs though, ew. I tried squirrel legs once, yuck. My dad tells me that at the Rodezio in Utah, if you go in January or February they have a special where they serve unique meats like rattlesnake and elk and things like that.
  14. Buffets are unsanitary and the food is such low quality and of questionable freshness and temperature! If I wanted cafeteria food served from #10 cans, I'd go to a school. LOL. I've been to a couple higher quality buffets and they were better, but then you pay a LOT of money,and it's usually a buffet that goes along with a main course...like Rodezio Grill has a fancy buffet and then all the fresh meat you can eat but then you're going to pay over $50/person. I went to a Chinese buffet a few times around here that seems large, clean, and the food decent...but it still slightly turns my stomach to go to them. I can't stand the idea of scooping up food in line after strangers (sneeze guards notwithstanding...I still have to touch the serving spoons after they did), and it also sort of makes me sick to look at people piling food of all types on their plates as if they'll never get another meal in their life. haha. Can you tell I'm anti-buffet???? I must not be a real IFB or something. haha. Oh, as a side note, I will go to a Pizza Hut or CiCi's buffet, because the pizzas are served fresh and eaten up faster than they can sit there and rot or be sneezed on, so those are not quite as bad as the big #10 can buffets. haha.
  15. The Golden Corral we have smells like the Old Country Buffet we have which pretty much both smell like nursing homes. Ew.
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