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  1. That Confession was adopted by the Particular Baptists which were indeed Calvinists, but it is not indicative of all the Baptists of that time. Just FYI.
  2. Will definitely say a prayer for his family.
  3. I know exactly what you mean. We have never celebrated Halloween or allowed Santa Clause into our home with our daughter. Yet, many in our family and even some at the church consider us weird and crazy because of it. I can understand some in our family doing it because they may not be saved or they go to a liberal church. I can not understand how people in our church - which preaches the truth from God's Word - would look down on us because we want to live separated lives unto God. It is truly sad how worldly many Christians live these days. In Christ, PreacherE
  4. Looking forward to church this morning. Morning service with dinner on the grounds. Last day of revival with Bro. Phil Kidd. Can't wait to hear the messages God has given him for today!

  5. Haven't long got home from church. Dr. Phil Kidd preached a powerful message on "Are there Skeletons in Your Closet?" out of Matthew 23:27.

  6. Family Reunion today at 11am. Revival continues on tonight and tomorrow at Piedmont Baptist Church with Bro. Phil Kidd.

  7. Heard an excellent message last night in our first night of Revival. Bro. Kidd preached out of Jeremiah 18 on "Don't Get Off the Wheel." He preached on some things God uses to help mold us and make us to be more like Christ.

  8. Revival starts tonight at Piedmont Baptist Church with Dr. Phil Kidd. All who can are welcome to attend. Services begin at 7:30 each night going through Sat. night. Regular church services on Sunday.

    1. PastorMatt
    2. OFIB Preacher

      OFIB Preacher

      Thanks, but no thanks. I wouldn't walk across the street to hear him, any more!

    3. PreacherE


      It went good. He preached out of Jeremiah 18. Used a good illustration of how the potter's wheel works. Five more services left. Praying that God would truly bring revival not only to our church, but to myself as well.

  9. Will definitely say a prayer for her Brother.
  10. Had a great time skating with the kids for a couple of hours.

  11. We have testimonies given almost every week from our church members. About three weeks ago we had a Sunday morning service where it was nothing but one testimony right after another. All got started because one man stood up and asked the church to pray for him because his prayer life was not where it should be. I agree though that you do not see people giving testimonies in my churches. Before I and my family started going to this church I don't think I had ever seen someone stand up and give a testimony of any kind.
  12. Looking forward to the youth activity today. We'll be taking the young people skating.

  13. Does anybody have any extra time they would like to lend me? I could use at least another 8 hours each day.

  14. Deuteronomy 6:6-7 'And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: 'And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.' You are absolutely right that we need to teach standards and talk about them. Too many times I think we fail to pass on our standards to the next generation. I see parents constantly who may hold certain standards in their own life but fail to pass those things on to their children. They ne
  15. 'I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.' ~ Psalm 122:1 Are you glad that you get to go to church today? or Is it something you dread?

    1. John81


      Praise God I look forward to every church service, Sunday school and Bible study!

  16. "When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers just men who will rule in the fear of God. The preservation of a republican government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty;

    1. OFIB Preacher

      OFIB Preacher

      Have already voted! Right on target!

    2. John81


      Most Christians won't heed this. They are content to vote for the lesser of two evils and then wonder why our government is evil.

    3. PreacherE


      You're exactly right John! I've never understood how people can vote for the lesser of two evils. The person I vote for may not have much a chance of winning, but at least I'll stand before God one day with a clear conscience. Also, if all those who claim the name of Christ would vote for the most godly candidate then they would have a much better chance of winning the election. Sadly, I fear the days of America following God are long gone.

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  17. Will definitely say a prayer for them. That 's so awful for that poor little boy to have just been released from the hospital and now having to go right back in.
  18. I agree with John as far as myself goes. I would dress as I normally do (which would also be a coat & tie). Knowing that the pastor does not wear that then I would at least approach him if I had any apprehension. If he did not feel comfortable with me filling in for him wearing a coat & tie, then I might would ask him to try and find someone else as I do not feel comfortable getting behind the pulpit without a coat & tie. If he prefers you do not wear them and it does not bother you to dress down a little then I would say perhaps go with his wishes as it is his pulpit. Just m
  19. It might would help if you could explain why he is not considered called to preach under IFB standards if possible. It would help the rest of us to know where the church is coming from. In Christ, PreacherE
  20. That's right! We should stand with the Word of God in every area of our life and not just in the church walls on Sunday.
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