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  1. Finally made it home after a long day of visiting with family.

  2. Helen's enjoying playing on her very own computer. Now she can quit stealing mine and her mama's to play on.

  3. Getting a few things ready for our Christmas play tonight. Come out and join us if you can. 6pm at Piedmont Baptist Church, 257 Penn Lake Dr., Reidsville, NC

    1. John81


      May the Lord bless!

  4. It is considered a federal offense here in the States. He's not in the States though so it may not be against the law there.
  5. Ivan Parker also does a rendition of it. I don't know if his is any different though as I've never heard Mercy Me.
  6. No prOBlem, Bro. We all make mistakes from time to time. Maybe you'll be able to return the favor for me later on.
  7. While I don't agree with C.S. Lewis on many things you are misrepresenting his quote here. He's not saying that he believed Jesus was just a good moral man. His first line states that he was trying to keep people from saying that particular thing concerning Christ. In Christ, PreacherE
  8. Bro., I might would be able to help you. I live about an hour from Winston. It would depend on how my work goes that day.
  9. That's the truth. Every study Bible I've ever used I've marked out notes in because they were off doctrinally or attempted to correct the Word of God.
  10. Yeah, it can be hard this time of year with her family as well. We have never celebrated Halloween and they just don't get it. What really gets them mad though is that we do not have anything to do with Santa Claus. We don't even let him in the house. Every year for the past six years they have got all up in arms because we don't do Santa. They seem to think that we are truly depriving our daughter of something by keeping these things from her.
  11. My wife has faced the same thing with her family especially her parents. When we married they disowned her and it was over 3 years before they would speak to her. It was about another year before they would speak to me. Now, however, they have blown up again because we chose to home school our daughter and they can not stand it. When we first got married they told everyone that I had brainwashed her and apparently they still believe that.
  12. My wife grew up in a United Methodist Church, though her family did not attend very faithfully. When we started dating she had never heard much of anything concerning the Bible. She believed she was going to Heaven because she had gone to the front of the church one time and because she had been sprinkled as an infant. It was not until she started going to church with me until she began to hear true Biblical teaching on being born again and living for God. Her parents and her brother and his family still attend the UMC and believe that as long as their good outweigh their bad they'll be a
  13. The first General Baptist church in England was founded in 1611 so I'm not sure how you get that they came later. They may have come to Norfolk county later, but they were in existence at the time.
  14. That Confession was adopted by the Particular Baptists which were indeed Calvinists, but it is not indicative of all the Baptists of that time. Just FYI.
  15. Will definitely say a prayer for his family.
  16. I know exactly what you mean. We have never celebrated Halloween or allowed Santa Clause into our home with our daughter. Yet, many in our family and even some at the church consider us weird and crazy because of it. I can understand some in our family doing it because they may not be saved or they go to a liberal church. I can not understand how people in our church - which preaches the truth from God's Word - would look down on us because we want to live separated lives unto God. It is truly sad how worldly many Christians live these days. In Christ, PreacherE
  17. Looking forward to church this morning. Morning service with dinner on the grounds. Last day of revival with Bro. Phil Kidd. Can't wait to hear the messages God has given him for today!

  18. Haven't long got home from church. Dr. Phil Kidd preached a powerful message on "Are there Skeletons in Your Closet?" out of Matthew 23:27.

  19. Family Reunion today at 11am. Revival continues on tonight and tomorrow at Piedmont Baptist Church with Bro. Phil Kidd.

  20. Heard an excellent message last night in our first night of Revival. Bro. Kidd preached out of Jeremiah 18 on "Don't Get Off the Wheel." He preached on some things God uses to help mold us and make us to be more like Christ.

  21. Revival starts tonight at Piedmont Baptist Church with Dr. Phil Kidd. All who can are welcome to attend. Services begin at 7:30 each night going through Sat. night. Regular church services on Sunday.

    1. PastorMatt
    2. OFIB Preacher

      OFIB Preacher

      Thanks, but no thanks. I wouldn't walk across the street to hear him, any more!

    3. PreacherE


      It went good. He preached out of Jeremiah 18. Used a good illustration of how the potter's wheel works. Five more services left. Praying that God would truly bring revival not only to our church, but to myself as well.

  22. Will definitely say a prayer for her Brother.
  23. Had a great time skating with the kids for a couple of hours.

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