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  1. Wow! Another birthday! have a great day. 👏

  2. May the Lord bless you and your family on your birthday. 🎁



  3. I just noticed it was your birthday today. Hope you had a great day. 

    Happy Birthday. 🎂

  4. Dear Brother,

    Do you still play chess? Do you have a favorite chess site? What rating are you?

    I still enjoy a game of chess and as of now I am not on a web chess site. My rating wanders from 950 to 1100. As I do not play much here on Taiwan I do not have an accurate rating.


    1. PreacherE


      I do still play whenever I can find an opponent.  I have not played online though in years.  There was a website I used to play on, but I don't recall what it was or what my rating was at the time.

      For a while I was only playing 4-way chess, but it's hard enough to find 1 opponent let alone 3.

    2. Alan


      I never player a three or four way chess. I can lose all by myself.

      Lately, (one week), I have been playing on an internet site called, "lichess.com" Here is the web address: http://en.lichess.org/

      I do not mind playing rated or unrated. I think on 'lichess' unrated is called, 'casual.' if you want to play let me know and I will send you my username.


  5. I have used Turbo Tax every year I've had to file except for two years where I lived in different states. Those years I had them prepared by a tax professional. I find Turbo Tax is very easy to use and walks you through step-by-step of entering in your information including things you might not have thought of on your own.
  6. Define what you mean by switch between browsers. You should be able to click the link to bring up whichever browser you want to use. or, Are you referring how to set your Default Browser?
  7. When you pull up an Internet Explorer and press the Alt key on your keyboard does it show a menu bar at the top? Inside that Help Menu should be an option for About Internet Explorer.
  8. In the Help Menu click on About Internet Explorer. That will give you your current version.
  9. You hit the nail right on the head with those two verses right there. I think you're also right in what you said about people compromising for their grandchildren. I know of a pastor whom I use to be real close to who was like a father to me almost. He began to let his son bring in all kinds on new bible versions such as The Message and also allowing him to bring in CCM. His son began to influence other new Christians in this church who had just been saved and he began to lead them down this same path. A family went to the pastor in private concerned about the direction it was taking the
  10. Jeremiah 2:13 God had shown His blessings to Israel unlike any other nation at that time. He had called them out of bondage from Egypt. God had parted the Red Sea, led them across dry land, and destroyed the Egyptian army behind them. God then led them through the wilderness for forty years providing their every need as they went. At the end of the forty years God once again parted the waters, this time of the Jordan River, and led them into Canaan land. God gave them the land and drove their enemies from them as they went through the land to possess it. While God had bles
  11. Praying that she has a speedy recovery
  12. Praying that God will give your families grace and comfort in this time.
  13. Maybe use Matthew 20 where Jesus told the parable of the workers sent to the vineyard. Those who only worked an hour were paid the same wage as those who had worked the whole day. They definitely didn't think it was fair. Just an idea.
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