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  1. I guess I should have specified that it would be used in blog posts. It wouldn't work.... :puzzled:
  2. Hello all! I need the html to not just have a thumbnail open in a new window, but have it a specific size. I spend almost 2 hours doing a web search and all I could find was some pretty lenghty java script. I know it's gotta be simple, but I just couldn't figure this one out. HELP!
  3. Yup, I'm confused and I also don't know how to do a screen shot....
  4. Yeah, but finding exactly between which code to insert it was the tricky part. Remember, I don't dream in php! :lol It's the Noteboard theme. I've decided I do want to have the "who's online on the bottom as well, but I can't make it look like it is in the main table, or even get it in the main table. Here's what I have now: class="gensmall"> {S_TIMEZONE} href="{U_MARK_READ}" class="gensmall">{L_MARK_FORUMS_READ}
  5. Never mind... I acatually figured it out.... :sing:
  6. Here I go again. This is about phpbb. I have moved the "who's online" table to be at the top of the mb instead of the bottom, but now it is reapeating itself in between all major forum groups!!! If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. Here's the index_body.tpl that I modified: class="gensmall"> {S_TIMEZONE} href="{U_MARK_READ}" class="gensmall">{L_MARK_FORUMS_READ}
  7. LOL, wish I could understand all of this like you do, Brother Matt. I went through the code in the header again, looking for "site desc" or anything like it, or something that referring to the link for the homepage. Took a while and some trial and error on removing code, but I did it! Thanks so much! :sing:
  8. Good morning everyone! I've started up a blog using WordPress and am having a hard time finding the code that is creating the website name in the top left corner: http://lujesus.earnestlycontending.com/WordPress/ If anyone is willing to help with this, I could e-mail you whatever files are needed. I've been through the style sheet, header, sidebar, index, and I can't seem to find it. I found the code for the font type, and managed to delete that so it's not so obtrusive, but that's all. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Good to have you back, Jerry! Your post was a huge blessing to read. :smile
  10. Jerry picked up his computer from our house today! I was finishing installing some updates and such as he was waiting for it. The cost was just a few dollars more than the funds he had been given, so that was great! I imagine he will be back online soon! He was having serious computer withdrawal :lol:
  11. Hi everyone! Sorry I'm scarce. Mountainview let me know y'all were wondering about Jerry. Jerry is working basically 7 days a weeks now. He gets called in on his days off, so hence the 7 days. He is very worn out and is getting sickness in the lungs, but hopefully it will not develop into anything serious this time. Computer access: He did use the library computer, but now has not time to get there, then a room mates computer for a bit, but that crashed. After attempting to troubleshoot his computer, I brought it to the shop today. I was suspecting a hard drive or motherboard crash, and it appears to be the motherboard (the capacitors appear to be burned out.) The computer shop will call me next week with a quote. The other forum he belongs to donated some funds towards it, and I'm hoping it will cover, but I won't know till next week. I will try to keep you all apprised.
  12. [quote="Jerry"] [quote="LAF"]Florida the plywood state or is that the hurricane state ? [/quote] I think it is the State of Confusion... Just kidding, I always wanted to say that! :lol: Angela, please tell me we haven't had 54 pages about your pregnancy... I haven't read most of these pages, but every time I check it out, there's [i]another [/i]post about [b]the baby that just wouldn't come out[/b]. Could write a children's book about it. Catchy title anyway![/quote] :frog :frog :frog It's about all I have energy to post about lately, and for anyone who's been pregnant, having the baby out is about the only thing on your mind the last month of the pregancy! :lol: :frog :frog :frog I think it has to do with that beached whale syndrome one gets when lying down. :lol:
  13. [quote="BroMatt"] Come on little kid, come on out!!!!! :) Well, I tried. :( [/quote] LOL, you guys are tooooo much! The baby dropped roughly 36 hours ago, so it looks like I've got about a week left (which is normal for me). I have been getting a little more sleep as I was told by my chiropractor (who is really up on nutrition and natural stuff) to up my magnesium, and that is working nicely, except I'm missing the constant clear headed state brought on by a consistant rush of adrenaline as labour psychs up! Oh well, guess I can't have it both ways! Afternoon all!
  14. I'm looking forward to my last few weeks (hopefully week) of pregnancy....at least I hope so...sleep is eluding me and I certainly can't keep going on 2-4 hrs interrupted sleep per night. Very reminiscent of our fourth child. Good morning all....
  15. Afternoon all! I'm counting down the weeks till our 6th child is due, October 19th! It will be interesting to see if this is another girl or if hubby finally gets his boy!
  16. I can't believe I actually made it in today! Have a great one all!
  17. Hope y'all are having a wonderful Sunday in the Lord's house!
  18. [quote="Jerry"] Sure, good excuse to post in this thread! :lol: You're supposed to be sleeping! :frog Isn't this a bit early for the labour? Should have had the baby on Monday - that was Labour Day, after all! [/quote] :frog Thanks Jerry! My "labour" was false, and brought on by not taking in enough fluids. Things should settle down quickly now. Only a man could say a woman is supposed to be sleeping when she's got contractions every 3 minutes along with the adrenalin rush that refuses to let you sleep! :frog :mrgreen:
  19. Morning everyone! I might be gone for a few days. Feels like I'm in labour, but we'll have to see...
  20. Hi everybody! Sorry, but with homeschooling, I've been fortunate to get on the 'puter once a day. At least the schooling is going well. Have a great day all!
  21. [quote="LAF"] The breezed is warm as the sun yes the sun is trying to peek out from the clouds. [/quote] Praise the Lord, Lori! We've been keeping an eye on the news and I think of you everytime the weather report comes up.
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