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  1. Man, I had the worst cold ever, does pregnancy make you sicker when you are sick? Well I am glad to be back and see that I am in time to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. yayy ( If its the same thing I'm thinking of :puzzled: ) Jet skiing
  3. Ban Madeline, b/c she is the person I am supposed to ban!
  4. Dont you guys ever take a nap? :puzzled: :frog
  5. I am terrified of pain.....I dont know if I want to be present. I told the doc if it is a c-section KNOCK ME OUT. :amen:
  6. how many 5dumplings? Wait did you have 5 little dumplings??????
  7. Ban John for not letting me win the other game.......so i'm going to sleep! :frog :Bleh :frog
  8. You're not suppose to make a pregnant woman cry :sad
  9. Are you kidding me? :loco
  10. Ban John for having weapons in his avatar :coffee
  11. Yep, a baby boy to be born in Feb. So excited........did i win yet??? :puzzled: :lol:
  12. Am I the only sane person here?
  13. Man I was hoping no one answered so it could be ME :clap:
  14. Ban Madeline for having pretty roses on her avatar
  15. technetium i love dictionaries
  16. sweet Peanut butter or jelly :mrgreen:
  17. chicken math or english
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