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  1. Hey BusterBoy and Tim, I have also played MOHAA on PC, but not Xbox. MoG also has a MOHAA division as well. Busterboy, I know exactly where your at, just keep sniping those guys and eventually you'll get through. If any of you guys are interested in knowing more about MoG or what I do with them, just shoot me an email. God bless, HB
  2. Hey all, I do gaming online. I play Call of Duty, which is a WWII game. Yes it is a first person shooter, but I am with an organization that goes out and spreads the Gospel to the gaming community. To learn more about the organization, here is the address, www.menofgod.us. To give an idea of why I do this let me explain a little about what I do. First there are over 3,000+ servers for this one game. In those servers there can be anywhere from 0-60 people in each one. Doing the math for 1 person per server, that is 3,000 people. I go into the game and play, making small talk and then I start witnessing to them. Telling them that Jesus loves them and that he died for them. If there are players that are interested in hearing more, I invite them back to a teamspeak server where I can one on one with them live. I have seen souls saved in this ministry and many other folks come back to the Lord. I understand that if your not into gaming you will probably shun this, but I would love to hear everyones opinions on this matter and if you have any scripture to back up your opinion that would be terrific. Thanks and God bless, HomeBound
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